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Coming of Age in Tassa Ouirgane

– Coming of Age in Tassa Ouirgane, Modern Ghana, by Mark Apel (Community Extension Expert), 17 May 2017. • Arabic: Al Bayader, 7 July 2017. By Mark Apel- USAID Farmer to Farmer Volunteer

Women and the Participatory Approach to Achieve Professional Work

By Amina El Hajjami, HAF Project Manager High Atlas Foundation, Marrakesh Office  8 June, 2017  Moroccan women play a crucial role in the development of the community on a local and professiona

HAF’s future project in Youssoufia

Among the upcoming projects with communities in Morocco, HAF is seeking to create a big industrial unit in the Youssoufia province. The unit will be a big factory of apple cider vinegar.  The prov

OCP’s Workshop on Volunteerism

At the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in the city of Ben Guerir, the OCP Group organized a two day workshop about a new program they are launching, called Community Service. The OCP Group has a

Community Assessments in the Vallée d’Azzaden.

By Jan T.  HAF Intern  Rachid and I visit the often overlooked villages of the Vallée d’Azzaden and meet with local people. Efforts to coordinate actions and stimulate cooperation throug

HAF Promotes Tree Planting & Value-Addition for Rural Farmers in Morocco

By Gregory Sullivan, Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) in Morocco is using innovative approaches to tackling poverty in this North Africa country,  as well as addressing the

HAF Sami’s Project combines cooperation and environment

Errachid Montassir HAF Project manager Cooperation is necessary to meet human needs.  We as people are not able to meet our needs without the help of each other.  Our serious collaboration leads

HAF joins the Delegation of Education in Chichaoua for Earth Day event hosted by high school students

By Eliana Lisuzzo HAF Program Assistant  --- Just as every other nation in the world, Morocco faces consequences of climate change including higher temperatures, more extreme weather conditions,

Implementing the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals

Implementing the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals After fifteen years of nations pursuing the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations, representatives of the member sta

Meet a 2015er: Yossef Ben-Meir

– Meet 2015er: Yossef Ben-Meir, U.N. Dispatch, Mythili Sampath Kumar (staff writer), 18 February 2015. This blog post is taken from an article written by Mythili Sampathkumar and published on F

World Environment Day

– World Environment Day, Modern Ghana, 5 June 2014. World Environment Day is held annually on June 5 under UN auspices to highlight a particular area of environmental concern. The focus this year


For 2014 on this day, held under UN auspices, the chosen theme is the incorporation of sustainable land management policies and practices into our collective response to climate change. In this conte


This post draws text primarily from Julia Devlin’s excellent article: https://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2014/06/24-water-scarcity-growth-prospects-middle-east-north-africa-devlin "Toda


HAF attended the 5th session of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, 25-27th November. As of 2011, HAF has Special Consultative Stat

Farmer-to-Farmer and women’s cooperatives: the Impact assessment

- تأطير برنامج من مزارع إلى مزارع للتعاونيات النسائية: دراسة الأثر العام لمشاريع البرنامج, Sot al iraq. Zineb Laadam, HAF F

Update from Douar Lkdirat

By Sanae Benaadim, HAF Program & Office Manager December 6, 2021 HAF team members visit the village of Lkdirat on December 3, 2021. Photo: HAF Last week, several members of the HAF staf

Hello again.

In this second installment of HAF program updates, we're glad to share with you the latest on our collaborative work in renewable energies in Morocco. If you missed the first installment on tree

Bravo, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah

- Bravo, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Modern Ghana. Arabic: Al-bayader, 26 October 2021. French version By Yossef Ben-Meir Marrakech Olive tree saplings at USMB in Fes (High A

Cities4Forests: A City-Led Call to Action

Henry Prillaman On September 22nd, I had the pleasure of attending the World Resources Institute Cities4Forests declaration. City leaders from around the world came together to discuss their

Highlighting Farmers’ Role in Sustainable Development

Gabrielle Rosario HAF-UVA Intern We often neglect the importance of trees in our daily lives, passively accepting their shade, beauty, and fruit as we walk beneath their leafy branches and s

USAID’s Agricultural Transformation for Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems: A 2021 Pre-Summit Review

- USAID’s Agricultural Transformation for Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems, Indepth News. By Henry Prillaman HAF-UVA Intern I attended the 2021 pre-summit for the world’s premie

People’s Participation Decides the World’s Environment

People’s Participation Decides the World’s Environment, Al Bawaba. • Arabic: Cawalisse, 04 June 2021. By Yossef Ben-Meir Marrakech The fruit tree nursery management by the Takherkhourt

The Decentralization of Renewable Energies: Youssoufia, a City with Potential

By Zainab Hachoumi HAF Volunteer A meeting of the MSP steering committee members with the citizens of Youssoufia, March 2021. Youssoufia is one of the rapidly growing provinces in the region of M

Harnessing the Sun: Capitalizing on Morocco’s Most Abundant Resource to Power Transformative Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems

October 2020 - Program partners, Ecosia and USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer, visit the solar-powered irrigation system at a HAF tree nursery in Ouarzazate province. Photo by Project Assistant, Hassan Ai

Former Pastoral Nomads Considering In-Place Farming

Recent trends reveal that pastoralists in the Maghreb region are turning to sedentary farming practices like agroforestry as nomadic herding becomes more difficult. This unpublished article invest

Multiculturalism Enables, Reinvigorates Participatory Approach Development

Ian MacPherson HAF UVa Student Intern Nov 5, 2018—  High Atlas Foundation facilitates a women’s IMAGINE workshop adapted for Moroccan cultural and religious practices. Deep relation

Lahcen Ben Moula, Tree Monitoring Officer (YCC)

Lahcen Ben Moula, Tree Monitoring Officer (YCC) Lahssan Ben Moula, born in 1988 in the Errachidia Province, gained a Diploma in Basic Studies in Philosophy from the University of Moulay Ismail Meknes

The I-Tree International Academy Learning Journey

F2F Finance Officer | Lead Empowerment Trainer Photo by: i-Tree One of the High Atlas Foundation’s (HAF) USAID Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) team members, Fatima Zahra Laaribi, was selected fro

A Fresh Start

Project Assistant On August 12th, representatives from the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), the Moroccan Alliance for Climate and Sustainable Development (AMCDD), and the Association of Teachers of L

Cool News in a Warming World: Why Invest in Future Forests

Cool News in a Warming World: Why Invest in Future Forests, Daily News, By Finn Grundmann. HAF Volunteer, Plant Enthusiast, and Scientific Assistant in Ecosystem Restoration Projects Forests c