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UN 2030 Water Conference First Stakeholder Online Briefing

By Hanna Tuoriniemi, HAF Intern and University of Michigan Student Water has a complex relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals. On one hand, water is a necessity that everyone deserves

Do More This Earth Day

By Ava Katz, HAF intern Terraces in the Atlas Mountains are used to grow vegetables for local consumption, Toubkal municipality, Morocco, March 2022. (Photo/HAF) Every year on April 22, the world

Virtual Launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in the Near East and North Africa Region

By Hanna Tuoriniemi, HAF Volunteer and University of Michigan Student Introduction Poster to the Webinar Event, “Virtual Launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in the Near East and Nort

Cultivating Stewards of Cultural and Environmental Heritage at Mohamed Elchaikh Primary Schools, Tisfane-Taroudant

Jamal Maghiouzi, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Early in March, I had the opportunity to co-lead, alongside Youssef Tahiri from HAF’s tree team, cultural, environmental, and social activities for th

World Water Day

By: Salma Derkaoui, HAF Volunteer “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” —W. H. Auden World Water Day has been an internationally celebrated day on March 22 of every y

The Second Training Workshop for the Be Green Program, Berkane Province

By Lahssan Ben Moula Be Green workshop held in Berkane Province Photo credit: lahssan Within the framework of its environmental and awareness activities, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), in coordi

International day of forests

By Salma Derkaoui, HAF volunteer Our daily life is full of basic needs, needs that we as human beings must acknowledge and cherish. It is not a secret that we need water and food to survive, shelte

Ibn Khaldoun, the Memory of Ouijjane

By Omaima Khalil El Fanne, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Students of Ibn Khaldoun primary school are planting olive trees. Photo taken 28 February,2022 by Omaima Khalil ELFANNE. Ibn Khaldoun isan ar

The Tassa Ouirgane fruit nursery of the Takherkhourt women’s cooperative

Hajiba Boumasmar HAF Program Coordinator (Youth Conservation Corps) Farmer-to-Farmer Expert-Volunteers with Takherkhourt cooperative members at the tree nursery. (Photo by HAF, December 2021) In

ODCO Training at Konouz Lakdirat Cooperative

By Sanae Benaadim Program Manager Women of Konouz Lakdirat Cooperative receive business training Photo: Sanae Benaadim On Wednesday, February 9, ten women from Konouz Lakdirat Cooperative a

AMAN for Social Unity (Anougal)

By Ikbale Bouziane, Cultural Field Coordinator, Dakira Program Anougal is a douar (village) located in a remote plateau in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains (precisely 16.3 kilometers fr

When nature and culture converge

By Amal Mansouri, HAF Field Coordinator, DAKIRA HAF staff explaining the objectives of the tree planting activity to the students  at Abed Rahim Bouaabid-Saiss high school, Fez, 2022. Photo: HAF

Forging Community Ties Through Celebrating Nature

By Jamal Maghiouzi, HAF Field Coordinator On January 12, the Amazigh people celebrated their New Year 2972 which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar of 2022, Hebrew calendar of 5783, and lunar

Benefits of Community Tree Planting and WorldTree

Abigail Hall HAF-UVA Intern There are three categories of benefits that come from tree planting in communities:  social, environmental, and economic. Socially, trees improve the aesthetic a

Tree Planting Day 2022: Faces of Hope

Ellen Hernandez HAF Writer/Editor Tree Planting in Ouaouizeght. (Photo: HAF, January 2022) 17 January 2022 — In the early morning hours, the entire team at High Atlas Foundation began to

Tikkun Olam: Preserving the Planet through Cultural Celebrations

Arabic version Saplings grow at a community-based fruit tree nursery supported by the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) in Morocco. (Photo: HAF, 2021) It is common that each religion has its own n

Women’s Cooperative in Guercif Province Celebrates the Opening of its New Fruit Tree Nursery

French | Arabic (January 5, 2022 - Guercif, Morocco) The Al Khayr Women's Cooperative with the support of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) held the Opening Ceremony for a new fruit tree nursery

Interfaith Actions at COP26

By: Sarah Whiteside, UVA-HAF Intern Link to Image: https://disasterdisplacement.org/disaster-displacement-at-cop26 The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more popularly known as

Land & Carbon Lab

Timo Reinitzer With our world's population constantly growing and the scarcity of land rising, this is and will come at the cost of our world's forests. Moreover, regarding the current alarmi

The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Creating an Enabling Environment for the Sustainable Transformation of FNSSA Sector

by Julian Stoiber, Haf-Volunteer On November 24th, 2021, the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) LEAP4FNSSA held a webinar about “The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Creating an En

Ensuring Environmental Justice in Sustainable Development

By Gabrielle Rosario HAF-UVA Intern Ten years ago, the Movement on Road 96, an environmental and social group of locals from Imider, Morocco, began a protest against the Société Métallurg

Hydroponics and Vertical Farming in Morocco and the World

- Hydroponics And Vertical Agriculture In Morocco And The World, The Garden Center News. By Carter and Henry Prillaman A vision for the future of agriculture and possible implementation in Mar

The Importance of Water in Developing Countries

By Alyssa Underwood HAF-UVA Intern The global water crisis is caused by a scarcity of clean water available to people all around the world. Only 3% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, and

“Khettara”: The Past & Present Treasure in the Haouz Region

by Errachid Montassir Errachid Montassir is from the Rhamna province of Morocco and is a High Atlas Foundation manager of the USAID Farmer-To-Farmer program. He was an organizer of the first

Sharing Data to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Samirah Jaigirdar HAF Director of Projects Amina El Hajjami discusses goals and assesses needs with cooperative members in Tisfan, Taroudant province. In 2015, world leaders met in a landmar

A Moroccan Woman’s Burden: Water Scarcity

By Jasiah Hasan In the past fifty years, Morocco’s population has nearly tripled. Mass migrations and urbanization have pushed more than half of the growing population into cities, producin

LEAP4FNSSA’s Second Dissemination Event

By Jasiah Hasan, HAF-UVa Intern On July 19, 2021, LEAP4FNSSA hosted a webinar event to share and emphasize the importance of collaboration between the African Union and the European Union. Th

Harnessing Science for Sustainable Agriculture

By Samirah Jaigirdar A fruit tree nursery managed by members of the Aguerzrane Women’s Cooperative in Morocco’s High Atlas, a project that has benefited from the expertise provided by the USAI

Uniting Pathways for Landscape Restoration

By: Samarth Saksena North African and Middle Eastern nations can combat climate change through well planned landscape restoration initiatives leading to carbon sequestration, but also indirec

Academia Has An Obligation to Serve

By Kristin O’Donoghue Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights upholds education as a right to which every individual is entitled. The opportunity to attend an institute of h