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Ouled Brahim Imagine Workshop (Zine)

By Bouchra Zine, EU Family Literacy

On the fourth of March, EU Family Literacy team in Beni Mellal- Khenifra visited Ouled Brahim village, Boulnouar commune, Khouribga province, in order to conduct an IMAGINE workshop for 21 local female beneficiaries.

As any other workshop in a new place, women were a little bit shy at the beginning. But, it didn’t take a long time before they started interacting.

Expressing emotions and sharing fears were new experiences for Ouled Brahim women. They were in need of such activities. They mentioned that they had never been asked about their own opinions or feelings. They had always been expected to obey and follow others’ rules and orders. That’s why some women’s answers were tears.

The IMAGINE workshop this time was full of experiences sharing. There were some bad ones shared for advice. But, some other experiences were shared for fun and motivation. The most important thing is that the EU team succeeded in building trust between the participants and helped them to interact.

On the last day, Ouled Brahim’s women were so happy to receive the certificates of participation. They felt motivated for the next meetings. Their main question was concerning the literacy classes and the creation of an agricultural cooperative.

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