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On this special day, the High Atlas Foundation wishes its friends and partners in the Province of Boujdour success in all their undertakings to advance human development in their communities.

That mothers with whom we meet will realize their full dreams for themselves and their children; that fishermen will build the communities with the amenities for health and prosperity they seek; that nomads will see the realization of their goals for water infrastructure and revitalization – and that the great potential of the province and for all Morocco will be grasped and made to benefit every soul of this blessed and hopeful nation.

One more wish: that the High Atlas Foundation will be in the position to facilitate participatory community planning in all of the Moroccan southern provinces and throughout the Kingdom, in realization of the nation’s own framework for promoting decentralized human development.

HAF creates partnerships for human development in Boujdour

As we enter a time of harvest and soon to sow, this is the moment to support the High Atlas Foundation as we work incessantly to achieve the sustainable development projects that Moroccan communities determine.

With best wishes on this day and always!

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