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One Step Forward

As the High Atlas Foundation continues in its mission to contribute to the development of people while preserving the life of our planet by planting trees, a new partner who shares the same vision has joined our network through a partnership that contributes to the bigger goal. Moroccan Street is a start-up that preserves the heritage of Morocco by showcasing carefully crafted and high quality handicrafts that are handmade by craftsmen who ensure their authentic Moroccanness.

Along with their existing contribution to the educational, cultural and environmental actions that they execute in collaboration with other associations, Morocco Street has donated 100 fruit trees to be planted in the south of Morocco in the cities of Marrakech, Ouarzazate, and Tinghir. This donation will affect the life of many people by providing them with a project that will serve as a stable income for their families. It will also help the planet by producing more oxygen.

Such donations are essential to maintain the continuity of the High Atlas Foundation’s projects that contribute to the development of people’s lives. So we encourage everyone, companies and individuals, to start donating if they can in order for us to reach more people and plant more trees.


The High Atlas Foundation would like to thank Moroccan Street for their donation and their help in preserving the heritage of Morocco and the life of Moroccans. And we look forward to more effective partnerships that prioritize people’s development and the environment we live in.

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