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From February 20th to the 23rd, the High Atlas Foundation conducted a training of trainers with 30 men, 23 of whom came from 4 cooperatives targeted by the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program. They were trained in conducting baseline assessments, including empowering methods for envisioning the future and projects of most importance to them, and creating action plans for achieving their self-described goals. Additionally, as a part of this 4-day, 72-hour experience, these men also gained a heightened awareness and appreciation for the different struggles that women and girls endure. These activities are essential in building the men’s confidence and understanding and, thereby, making them more determined advocates for the success of cooperatives, created and managed by women.

We thank the Empowerment Institute for developing the “Imagine” methodology, which has successfully integrated into the lives of many thousands of women and men in the Middle East and North Africa, and fortunately, here too in Morocco. A sincere thank you, too, to Reyed and Abdelkarim for being inspiring facilitators of people’s real empowerment.

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“الورشة التكوينية التي قامت بها مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير تحت عنوان “التمكين النفسي

"مستفيد من الورشة التكوينية التي قامت بها مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير تحت عنوان "التمكين النفسي نعلم جميعا أن الانسان غالبا ما تنخفظ معنوياته فيساوره شعور بالقلق والحزن, فيحس أنه…

ومع توالي التجارب

متدرب بمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير اتخذت مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير التنمية المستدامة هدفا لها وفق تقنيات واستراتيجيات ناجعة تتجلى في توزيع الأشجارالمثمرة على الفلاحين و المؤسسات التعليمية. و ذالك من…