Naima Benazzi

Naima was born and raised in Oujda. She has a PhD in Physics from the University of Metz as well as a Moroccan Ph.D in Physical Sciences from the University of Mohammed I in Oujda. Naima is a Professor of Higher Education, Grade C. Since 2015, Naima has held the position of Pedagogical Advisor at the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Training Institute. Previously, she was Director of the Oujda School of Technology for two terms as well as Coordinator of Cnam trainings at UMP. In 2004, Naima was Head of Electrical Engineering Department.
Naima is also active in social work and is a member of several associations: the Office of the Foundation of the Oriental Region in Decentralized Cooperation, chaired by the President of the Regional Council; the Office of the Foundation Omar Ibn Abdelaziz; and the Office of the Happy Childhood, which has a mission to help children in need.
Naima joined the High Atlas Foundation In 2017 as President of the HAF Oriental Association, as well as a Manager of the MEPI project, « Towards an efficient development of the Oriental: capacity building of young people and women of cooperatives. »