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Kate Jeans-Gail Memorial: Trees Distributed to 250 Families

Between February 19th and 23rd nearly 20,000 cherry and apple trees were distributed to 250 households, including twenty-eight villages, in the Tifnoute Valley as part of the Kate Jeans-Gail Tree Nursery Memorial. Trees were also distributed to local schools in the valley, allowing children of all ages to participate in this community-wide project. More trees will be distributed later this planting season, and currently community members are receiving technical training in fruit tree agriculture best practices from local experts. The community will continue to care for the nursery, plant more saplings, and propagate new trees through grafting techniques. In this way, the nursery will remain a permanent part of the community, supplying local varities of fruit trees for many generations to come. Please check back soon to download the full project report.

This nursery was created two years ago to remember the spirited life of Kate Jeans-Gail. Thank you to Kate’s family and friends who gave so generously to allow this project to grow and flourish.