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January 16th: A Moment for Trees

Trees are an integral part of achieving people’s development.  They fortify livelihoods and our planet, they feed and give shelter and they are among the most tangible signs of God’s mercy and love.

From noon next January 16th, on the day that in the US calendar commemorates the life of the pursuit of justice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), together with partners and friends, will plant trees at all of its project sites across Morocco.

 The High Atlas Foundation plans its annual tree planting event as close as possible to the beginning of the planting season for much of the world.

Would you like to share in this moment of connectivity with people and nature?

Would you like to grow a tree near a national park, north south, east or west, to the farthest reaches of Morocco?

To create a planting event wherever you are under the sun?

Would you like to sow something living that will endure for 15 generations, Insh’allah?

Maybe plant with your school?

With the elderly, in your home or nearby?

With women and girls?

With youth currently in detention?

With the landless and marginalized and all those who seek a moment’s joy?

Would you like to plant in a place that embodies interfaith cooperation?

On a mountain or in arid flatlands?

May we plant with you on January 16th at noon, year after year from now on?

Wherever, whenever and in whatever situation, HAF and partners are ready to set it up – here in Morocco we will be waiting for you, tea and earth to hand!

(In addition, HAF is set to auction carbon offsets at COP 22, scheduled to be held in Marrakech in November 2016, based on its growing and monitoring of trees at schools around the Kingdom).

In this year of unity on matters of climate, let’s join together to plant trees and express our sincere hope that these saplings – and all of us – may truly flourish in the future.

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