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It’s the Time to Plant Trees

Dear Friend,

The year has almost reached its end. For HAF, it’s the time to plant trees.

Planting trees with farming families and schools in Morocco is an act of empowering recognition and strategic development. It acknowledges the priorities of rural communities and is a vehicle for people’s driven change and transformation. With complete hope and dedicated capacity, we ask you to plant with us.

You can become a direct sponsor of trees in Morocco and receive a certificate with the location and number of trees planted on your behalf. You can also have trees planted as a gift in the name of others.

Grow with us walnut trees that live 500 years or almond trees which only flourish in a handful of countries. Plant carob trees which bear social and environmental benefits for generations. Let’s plant endemic fig varieties to strengthen biodiversity. Plant with us Argan and help stop its decline or support planting pomegranate for processing into juice by cooperatives. Plant now for food security for time to come.

The High Atlas Foundation has the goal to plant 300,000 trees this season with all who are dedicated to their long-term care. With the help of Ecosia, we will plant 2.4 million seeds in 11 community nurseries in the next two years. Help us achieve this monumental initiative with the people of Morocco.

Thank you for planting tree-lives with us. We wish you joyful and healthy New Year.

United for trees, yours sincerely,

The High Atlas Foundation, Marrakech

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Give to this project.

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