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Publications and Articles about HAF

(Quelques articles sont en français ou en arabe)

(بعض الوثائق بالعربية)

• Year 2018

– A Moment of Reckoning for Decentralization in Morocco, Media For Freedom, By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, December 19, 2018
– Youth Entrepreneurship by Facilitating People’s Development in Morocco, Global Research, By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir December 19, 2018
– Participatory Development: A Humanitarian Alternative to Migration in Morocco, News Of Bahrain, By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir December 13, 2018
– Call for Lanecture for Interfaith Initiatives: From Morocco to Jerusalem, Morocco On The Move, By Sarah Turkenicz, December 11, 2018dscape Archit

– المغرب العميق بعيون جزائري, Sotaliraq, 28 November 2018 by Brahim Bahmani Rai (HAF Intern)
– Effective Practices to Sustain Development in Morocco, Scoop World, By Kerstin Opfer, October 11, 2018
– Article: A Model to Implement Moroccan Development, Morocco World News, By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, August 28, 2018
– Morocco Provides Safe Spaces for Youth, The New Arab, By Julia Payne, August 08, 2018
– Why Education Isn’t the Only Solution: An Overview of Female Employment in Morocco and the Region,  World News   Network, by Katherine O’Neill (HAF Intern), 24 July 2018.
– The Next Step for Cooperatives Is Certification,  The McGill International Review, by Amy Zhang (HAF Volunteer), 12 July   2018.
– Promoting human rights to support development in rural Morocco,  The Jerusalem Post, by Gal Kramarski, 10 February   2018.
– Conserving Traditional Crop Diversity and Wild Medicinal Plants in Morocco,  The International Policy Digest Magazine,   by Abderrahim Ouarghidi, 21 May 2018.
– From Transit to Integration: A Moroccan Initiative for Community Development , Morocco World News, by Nathan Park   (HAF Intern), 31 May 2018.
– Morocco: A Beacon of Hope for Christianity,  Scoop News, by Richard Bone, 11 January 2018.
– Nontraditional student learns valuable lessons on road to reaching dreams,  PENN State News, by Amy Duke, 1 March   2018.
– Can the Moroccan Approach Inspire a Development Revolution?,  Business Ghana University, by Julia Al-Akkad (HAF   Volunteer), 21 July 2018.
– The Moroccan Approach: Integrating Cultural Preservation and Sustainable Development,  Mediterranean Quarterly, by   Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 30 June 2018.

• Year 2017

– Accelerating Sustainable Development Toward 2030, 16th Session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration,   HAF Statement, 21 February 2017.
– Volunteers Create Worlds, Center for Research on Globalization, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 2 December 2017.
– Participatory Planning of Housing and Community Development, Journal of Business and Economics, by Yossef Ben-Meir   (HAF President), January 2017.
– Alternative Politics of Renewal, Center for Research on Globalization, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 27 February   2017.
– Moroccan Jewish Community Promotes Interfaith Harmony viaDevelopment Projects, San Diego Jewish World, by Yossef   Ben-Meir (HAF President), 23 March 2017.
– Morocco: Addressing Shantytowns in an Emerging Democracy, Eurasia Review, by Wajiha Inbrahim (HAF Intern), July 30   2017.

• Year 2016

– Supporting the Kingdom of Morocco, Eurasia Review, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 23 October 2016.
– Countering Extremism through Human Development, University World News, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President),   Mouhssine Tadlaoui-Cherki (HAF Program Manager), and Kati Roumani (HAF Volunteer), 13 August 2016.
– Women and Trees – Empowerment and Planting, The Hans of India, by Mark Apel (HAF-Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer),   May 2016.
– Moroccan Decentralization – Challenges to Genuine Implementation, Indigenous Policy Journal, by Yossef Ben-Meir   (HAF President), 1 November 2016.
– Decentralization in Morocco: An Innovative Solution to Promote HumanDevelopment, Global Innovation Exchange, HAF   staff, 2016.
– Global Bottom-Up by 2030?, Media for Freedom, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 21 April 2016.
– A Legacy of Peace Corps Service, Friends of Morocco, by Lillian Thompson (HAF-Peace Corps Response Volunteer),   February 2016.
– Between Despondency and Hope in Morocco’s Oriental Region, The Perspective, by Elle Houby (HAF writer), 29 January   2016.
– A Message to a World Rife with Terrorism, The algemeiner, by Emma Tobin (HAF Intern), 8 April 2016.
– What is the Value of a Woman?, ZNET, by Emma Tobin (HAF Intern), 30 March 2016.
– Growing Trees to Mend Old Wounds, Modern Ghana, by Emma Tobin (HAF Intern), 18 March 2016.
– High Atlas Foundation Partners with Clinton Global Initiative in TreePlanting Project near Marrakesh, Morocco World   News, by Colette Apelian (Independent Journalist), 7 February 2016.
– On the Cusp of Change – Walnut Distribution in Tadmamt, Al Haouz, World News, by Elle Houby (HAF writer), 16   February 2016.
– Paradigm Project for the Future: Location: Morocco, Indigenous Policy Journal, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 23   March 2016.
– How a Jewish Cemetery is Bringing a Moroccan Village to Life, Middle East Eye, by Mathew Green (Independent   Journalist), 7 July 2016.
– New Vistas for Students: Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez,Morocco, Modern Ghana, by Yossef Ben-Meir, 24   November 2016.
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, WN, 14 April 2016
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, Algemeiner, 8 April 2016
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, The Hans India, 8 April 2016
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, Maravipost, 7 April 2016
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, Kashmirwatch, 6 April 2016
– To a World Impacted by Terrorism, Countercurrents, 6 April 2016
– What is the Value of a Women?, Zcomm, 23 March 2016
– What is the Value of a Woman?, Mareeg, 23 March 2016
– Growing Trees to Mend Old Wounds, Modern Ghana, 18 March 2016
– Growing Trees to Mend Old Wounds, World News, 20 March 2016
– Growing Trees to Mend Old Wounds, The Hans India, 19 March 2016
– Entre découragement et espérance dans la région marocaine de l’Oriental, Libération, 5 Mars 2016
– On the Cusp of Change – Walnut in Tadmamt, Al Haouz, Coast Week, 29 February 2016
– على أعتاب التغيير – توزيع أشجار الجوز بقرية تادمنت،  إقليم الحوز, World New, 23 February 2016
– على أعتاب التغيير: توزيع أشجار الجوز بقرية تادمنت، إقليم الحوز, Elaph, 23 February 2016
– A Legacy of Peace Corps Service, Friends of Morocco, 20 February 2016
– A Legacy of Peace Corps in Morocco, The Hans India, 19 February 2016
– On the Cusp of Change – Walnut Distribution in Tadmamt, Al Haouz, The Hans India, 17 February 2016
– Learning from Morocco: On the Cusp of Change Using Walnut Distribution in Tadmamt, Maravipost, 17 February 2016
– Au bord du changement – Distribution de noyers à Tadmamt (Al Haouz), World New, 16 February 2016
– On the Cusp of Change – Walnut Distribution in Tadmamt, Al Haouz, World New, 16 February 2016
–  التنمية التشاركية: بإقليم بوجدور, Cawalisse, 10 February 2016
– Education Relative A L’environnement: Un Modele qui Fait Ecole a la Delegation Provinciale du Ministere de L’education   et de la Formation Professionnelle (en Français), Oujdacity, 8 Février 2016
– High Atlas Foundation Partners with Clinton Global Initiative in Tree Planting Project near Marrakesh, Devanture, 7   February 2016
– High Atlas Foundation Partners with Clinton Initiative in Tree Planting Project near Marrakesh, News United, 7 February   2016
– High Atlas Foundation Partners with Clinton Global Initiative in Tree Planting Project near Marrakesh, Morocco News, 8th February 2016
– High Atlas Foundation Partners with Clinton Global Initiative in Tree Planting Project near Marrakesh, Morocco World   News, 7 February 2016
– Between despondency and hope in Morocco’s Oriental Region, Mareeg, 1 February 2016
– Distribution de plants aux agriculteurs (en Français), Le Matin, 27 January 2016
– High Atlas Foundation intercultural tree planting at historic rural Jewish burial sites in the Moroccan provinces of Azilal,   Mareeg, 14 January 2016
– High Atlas Foundation intercultural tree planting and Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action ceremony, The Hans   India, 14 January 2016

• Year 2015

– How to Plant Morocco’s Billion Trees, Scoop News, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 1 March 2015.
– Implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Trans conflict, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 15 May   2015.
– Meet 2015er: Yossef Ben-Meir, U.N. Dispatch, Mythili Sampath Kumar (staff writer), 18 February 2015.
– Figs May Provide Security for Rural Moroccans, World Policy Blog, by Ida Sophie Winter (HAF writer), 12 November   2015.
– Figuig: A Troubles Home for Morocco’s Rarest Date, Middle East Eye, by Ida Sophie Winter (HAF writer), 27 November   2015.
– Yaoundé: Government, Civil Sector Officials Discuss How Climate ChangeThreatens Water and Development, World   stage, by Ida Sophie Winter (HAF writer), 1 November 2015.
– Northern Cameroon’s Water Shortage, World Policy Institute, by Ida Sophie Winter (HAF writer), 17 December 2015.
– Meet the High Atlas Botanical Superhero, Green Prophet, by Ida Sophie Winter (HAF writer), 6 June 2015.
– Lending Land to Enhance Life, Scoop News, by Kati Roumani (HAF Moroccan Decentralization: Step by Step, Jerusalem   Post, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 6 August 2015.
– Austerity or Stimulus? Participatory Development Offers a Third Way, Belfast Telegraph, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF   President), 9 February 2015.
– Morocco and South-South Unity, Liberation, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 07 November 2015
– A Fresh Template for a Changing Reality, World Policy Institute, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 03 September   2015.
– Happy Tears: Human Connection Leading to Human Development, Morocco World News, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF   President), 23 March 2015.
– Human Development in the Arab Spring: The Implications of Decentralization for Societies in the Context of Human – Development, Foreign Policy Journal, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 26 June 2015.
– Des arbres plantés pour compenser le carbone (en Français), L’Economiste, 21 July 2015
– Swiss Embassy Offsets Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees, Scoop, 15 July 2015
– Développement et décentralisation en Irak (en Français), Libération, 1 July 2015
– Meet the High Atlas botanical superhero, Green Prophet, 26 June 2015
– Human Development in the Arab Spring, Foreign Policy Journal, 26 June 2015
– Implementing The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (بالعربية), Sot al-Iraq, 29 May 2015
– Abderrahim Ouarghidi: The High Atlas Foundation’s Botanical Superhero, WorldStage News, 27 May 2015
– Implementing The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Eurasia Review, 20 May 2015
– Happy Tears: Human Connection Leading to Human Development, Palestine News Network, 24 March 2015
– Moroccan Decentralisation: Step by step, The Jerusalem Post, 8 March 2014
– La Fondation du Haut Atlas donne vie à « La Maison de vie » (en Français), Liberatión, 4 March 2015
– How to Plant Morocco’s Billion Trees, Morocco World News, 1 March 2015
– Al Haouz receives 60,000 trees (en Français), L’Economiste, 13 February 2015
– Stimulating participation (بالعربية), Sot al-Iraq, 12 February 2015
– Interview with HAF Director Mouhssine Tadlaoui-Cherki (بالعربية), RadioPlus, 11 February 2015
– Austerity or stimulus? Participatory development offers a third way, Belfast Telegraph, 9 February 2015
– 60 thousand fruit trees to be planted and distributed at Jewish sacred site, Business Ghana, 5 February 2015
– 60 thousand fruit trees to be planted and distributed at Jewish sacred site, WorldStage News, 4 February 2015
– La vie de montagne, (en Français), Liberatión, 3 February 2015
– Moroccan Decentralization: Step by Step, (بالعربية), Sot al-Iraq, 16 January 2015.
– Morocco and South-South Unity, (en Français), Liberation, 16 January 2015
– Moroccan Decentralization: Step by Step, Middle East Monitor, 13 January 2015
– Morocco and South-South Unity, (بالعربية), Info Maroc, 9 January 2015

• Year 2014

– Catalyzing Human Development through Cultural Preservation, (Article in French) Liberation, 31 December 2014
– Morocco and South-South Unity, The New Rising Sun, 17 December 2014
– Catalyzing Human Development through Cultural Preservation, Jewish Tribune, 17 December 2014
– Mountain Life, Addis Fortune, 14 December 2014
– Mountain Life, (Article in Arabic), Sot al-Iraq, 14 December 2014
– A Radical Rethink: Aligning People’s and Donors’ Priorities, (Article in Arabic), Al Madenah News, 29 November 2014
– A Radical Rethink: Aligning People’s and Donors’ Priorities, Morocco World News, 23 November 2014
– Catalyzing Human Development through Cultural Preservation, (Article in Arabic), Attariq News, 17 November 2014
– Development Visions from the Impoverished, Modern Ghana, 16 October 2014
– Organic Agriculture: Will the ‘Meek’ Inherit the Earth?, Morocco World News, 15 October 2014
– Decentralize for People’s Power in Arab Spring Countries, The Salone Monitor, 7 October 2014
– Building World Peace, Locally, (Article in Arabic), CNN, 24 September 2014
– Building World Peace, Locally, The Will Nigeria, 25 September 2014
– UN International Day of Democracy – Engaging Young People on Democracy, Jerusalem Post, 15 September 2014
– Market Oriented Development, CFR Development Channel, 4 August 2014
– A Moroccan Throne Day resolution, Somaliland Sun, 2 August 2014
– Une résolution pour la Fête du Thrône, (Article in French), Libération Maroc, 31 July 2014
– The language of development in Morocco (Article in Arabic),, 31 July 2014
– Decentralization of Municipalities in the Countries of the Arab Spring, (Article in Arabic), Karim Times, 30 July 2014
– Morocco’s 15th Anniversary of Sustainable Human Development, Morocco World News, 25 July 2014
– On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the King of Morocco’s accession to the throne (Article in Arabic), All 4 Syria, 30   July 2014
– Une résolution pour la Fête du Thrône, (Article in French), Oujda Portail, 29 July 2014
– Priority of human development in the Arab Spring (Article in Arabic),, 28 July  2014
– Decentralization of Municipalities in the Countries of the Arab Spring (Article in Arabic), Noqta, 24 July 2014
– Priority of human development in the Arab Spring (Article in Arabic),El Raaed, 23 July 2014
– Morocco’s Future in Farming Cooperatives, The Globalist, 19 July 2014
– UN International Day of Cooperatives 2014, Mindanaou Examiner, 5 July 2014
– High Atlas Foundation Call for donors, Frequency, 4 July 2014
– World Day to combat desertification and drought, Morocco on the Move, 18 June 2014
– US Ambassador highlight’s Morocco’s co-existence and tolerance values, Morocco on the Move, 14 June 2014
– L’ambassadeur US à Rabat se rendaux cimetières des trois religions à Essaouira, (Article in French), LeMag, 13 June   2014
– L’ambassadeur américain en visite au maroc, (Article in French), Yawatani, 13 June 2014
– Morocco and the High Atlas Foundation celebrate World Environment Day, Morocco World News, 5 June 2014
– World Environment Day, Modern Ghana, 5 June 2014
– Journée mondiale de l’environnement, Vivre Essaouira, 5 June 2014
– L’appel de la Fondation du Haut Atlas, (Article in French), La Libération, 5 June 2014
– Al Akhawayn and High Atlas Foundation to create tree nursery, Al Akhawayan News, 7 March 2014
– Morocco, the High Atlas Foundation, FoodTank, 12 February 2014
– Fondation du Haut Atlas, du Million au milliard, (Article in French), Medias24, 5 February 2014.
– One Million Trees Planted in Morocco. DIPNOTE, the U.S. Department of State Official Blog, 23 January 2014.
– The High Atlas Foundation Launches its “1 Billion Tree Campaign” throughout Morocco, Morocco World News, 21   January 2014
– The planting of HAF’s 1 millionth tree at Agdal school in Essaouira Province Le Journal Télévisé sur 2M (from approx.   24:23), 19 January 2014.
– Planting a Tree vs. Planting a Seed, Youth Development Peace Corps volunteer in Tameslouht, 17 January 2014
– The High Atlas Foundation launches a great environmental activity in Boujdour. (The video includes speeches about   Sami’s Youth Project in Boujdour from the Mayor of Boujdour, the Vice President of the Education Delegation, and the   President of the Parents Association), Hiba Press Agency, 16 January 2014
– نشاط بيئي كبير لجمعية مؤسسة الاطلس الكبير ببوجدور (A great environmental activity by High Atlas foundation in Boujdour), Al Watan,   16 January 2014
– Mohammedia : Cérémonie de plantation symbolique du millionième arbre (Mohammedia: the celebration of the symbolic   plantation of the one millionth tree), MAP Express, 16 January 2014
– La campagne «Un million d’arbres» se poursuit (The campaign ‘One million trees’ continues), Libération, 16 January 2014
– Célébration du millionième arbre planté (The celebration of the one millionth panted tree), Le Matin, 15 January 2014
– Le Haut Atlas fête son millionième arbre (The High Atlas celebrates its one millionth tree), L’Economiste, 2 January 2014

• Year 2013

– ستفادة شباب بالصويرة من تظاهرة ترفيهية للتحسيس بأهمية الحفاظ على التراث العمراني والثقافي (Young people in Essaouira learned at an activity   about the preservation of cultural and architectural heritage), Menara, 19 April 2013
– !تنظيف مقابر الصويرة بمبادرة أجنبية ؟ (A foreign initiative to clean the cemeteries of Essaouira?!), Essaouira Press, 1 May 2013
– « مقابر الديانات الثلاث بالصويرة.. تراث للتنوع والوحدة » محور لقاء تواصلي لإبراز أهمية الحفاظ على الذاكرة المشتركة » (« The cemeteries of the three   religions in Essaouira … heritage of diversity and unity » subject of a communicative meeting to highlight the importance of   maintaining a shared memory), Menara, 5 May 2013 (voici un résumé en français)
– مقابر الديانات الثلاث بالصويرة.. تراث للتنوع والوحدة » محور لقاء تواصلي لإبراز أهمية الحفاظ على الذاكرة المشتركة » (« The cemeteries of the three   religions in Essaouira … heritage of diversity and unity » subject of a communicative meeting to highlight the importance of   maintaining a shared memory), Aktab, May 2013
– Préserver le patrimoine d’Essaouira : se souvenir du passé pour créer un avenir de tolérance, Made in Essaouira, 7 May   2013
– Fondation du Haut Atlas à Essaouira, Vivre.Essaouira, 7 May 2013
– Unearthing the secrets of Essaouira’s Jewish cemeteries, ScoopNZ, 8 May 2013
– High Atlas Foundation, Drops of Elixir, 12 May 2013
– US Consul General tours High Atlas Foundation Project sites, Scoop NZ, 23 May 2013
– Préserver le patrimoine d’Essaouira, (Article in French), Vivre.Essaouira, 7 June 2013
– Préserver le patrimoine d’Essaouira : se souvenir du passé pour créer un avenir de tolérance, (Article in French), Lemag,   22 June 2013
– Chaine Inter, Interview with Lynn Sheppard, HAF Project & Development Manager in Essaouira, 3 July 2013 (audio file   not available)
– Associatif / Community Projects, Le Guide D’Essaouira, No 21 June-Aug 2013
– Le dur métier d’instituteur rural, (Article in French), (The difficult job of the rural teacher), Le MATiN, 1 July 2013
– Meaning behind numbers; A Moroccan Planting Season, Mindanao Examiner, 13 July 2013
– Cimetières musulmans – Made in Essaouira, September 2013
– Sauvegarde du patrimoine multiculturel de Mogador, (Article in French), Vivre Essaouira, 28 September 2013
– Radio interview with HAF Vice President, Larbi Didouqen, MFM Atlas, 1 October 2013
– Une nouvelle vie pour les cimetières d’Essaouira, (Article in French), H24, 2 October 2013
– Les cimetières d’Essaouira s’offrent un lifting, (Article in French), MarocPress, 4 October 2013
– مقابر الصويرة التاريخية تستعيد بريقها, Hespress, 4 October 2013
– Essaouira réhabilite ses cimetières, L’Economiste, 8 October 2013
– report on the HAF cemetery project in Essaouira, 21:15 news programme (from 19th minute), 2M, 8 October 2013
– Medicinal root trade, plant conservation and local livelihoods in Morocco, Darwin Initiative newsletter, October 2013
– Morocco wins 2013 SEED Award, Morocco World News/ MAP, 4 November 2013
– Radio Pus (Casablanca), HAF’s Capacity Building Program, Interview with Mouhssine Tadlaoui-Cherki, Program   Director, 23 November 2013
– Chaine Inter, Interview with Aicha Galef, HAF Program Assistant, 27 November 2013
– Morocco’s High Atlas Foundation participates in setting new development goals at the UN, Morocco World News, 13   December 2013

• Year 2012

– Moroccan Pianist Rita Saher performs at Carnegie Hall for High Atlas Benefit, Morocco on the Move, 17 December 2012
– Young Moroccan Pianist Rita Saher performs Carnegie Hall, New York, Maghreb Arabe Press, 17 December 2012 (link   no longer available)

• Year 2011

– Lier démocratie et développement durable au Maroc, Libération, 18 June 2011.
– Régionaliser le Maroc, » Libération, 28 January 2011.
– Morocco’s Model: Uniting Democracy-Building and Sustainable Development, Eurasia Review, 14 March 2011.
– النموذج المغربي: الجمع بين الديمقراطية و التنمية المستدامة مارس
– Small Foundation Achieves Big Goals in Morocco (Arabic) (French), U.S. Department of State, 5 December 2011
– Language is not the only obstacle facing Moroccan films in New York, Variety Arabia, 28 November 2011
– HAF Project Manager Abderrahim discusses on Moroccan radio the initiative with OMC-US in Zaouia-Cheikh, Soumaya   Radio, 25 November 2011
– HAF’s Moroccan Film Festival in New York City: Celebrating the Moroccan Arts While Embracing Human Development,   Morocco World News, 4 November 2011
– Zaouiate cheikh: Nouvelle initiative de développement participatif, 28 Octobre 2011, Libération
– Announcing A New Participatory Development Initiative In Zaouia-cheikh, Morocco, 26 October 2011, Press Release
– L’accès à l’eau potable a changé ma vie!, mai 2011, OCP Magazine
– Morocco: Planting fruit trees in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco News Board, 18 June 2011
– The High Atlas Foundation Planted 121,600 Fruit Trees in 2011, 23 June 2011, Yacout
– Sauvegarde du patrimoine multiculturel de Mogador, Vivre Essaouira, 28 September 2013

• Year 2010

– The Decentralization of a Monarchy, Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review, 31 January 2010.
– Regionalizing Morocco, Diplomatic Traffic, 11 December 2010
– High Atlas Foundation Trains University Students, April 2010, Al Arab Online
– Earth Day Network Contributes US$25,000 to High Atlas Foundation’s One Million Tree Campaign, July 2010, Business   Intelligence Middle East
– HAF’s 1 million campaign/ غرس مليون شجرة في أفق 2015 , August 2010
– Festival du film marocain à New York, October 2010, Made in Morocco
– The First Ever Moroccan Film Festival, November 2010, NBC News
– Morocco on the Big Screen, November 2010, Gotham Magazine

• Year 2009

– Les elections locales et decentralisations au Maroc, Maghreb Observateur, 22 July 2009.
– Morocco’s Local Elections and Decentralization, The Tripoli Post, 24 July 2009.
– Opportunities for Decentralization in Morocco, Dissident Voice, 1 November 2009.
– L’INDH, defi majeur du Maroc moderne, Diplomatic Pouch, La Gazette, 16 January 2009.
– Serving Morocco’s Rural Communities, June 2009
– La Fondation du Haut Atlas et le groupe G4S signent une convention de partenariat : Un front commun pour combattre la   pauvreté dans le monde rural, Libération, 25 July 2008
– Soirée marocaine à New York à l’initiative de la Fondation du Haut Atlas, Maghreb Arabe Presse, August 2009
– The Power and the Potential, WorldView, Winter 2009
– Soirée marocaine à New York à l’initiative de la Fondation du Haut Atlas, Maghreb Arabe Presse, November 2009
– Moroccan Hefla to Raise Funds for Fruit Tree Planting in Rural Morocco, Al Banaba, November 2009

• Year 2008

– Decentralize Conflict Areas in Middle East and North Africa, News Central Asia, 16 January 2008.
– Haut du formulaire: La décentralisation en Palestine, Irak, et au Sahara marocain, Liberation, 30 January 2008.
– Les organisateurs de communautés, un état d’esprit, Liberation, 26 September 2008.
– Community and Economic Crisis, The Post, 23 October 2008.
– Peace Corps in a Bottom-Up and Troubled Era, The Deming Headlight, 24 November 2008
– The High Atlas Foundation Plants 33,000 Fruit Trees in Rural Morocco, February 2008, Maghreb Messenger 6
– Les montagnes du Haut Atlas donneront bientôt des fruits, February 2008,
– High Atlas Foundation’s Annual NYC Reception, Moroccan Art Exhibit, Sale, and Silent Auction, October 2008,
– SAR la Princesse Lalla Meryem assiste à une reception organisée par la Fondation du Haut Atlas, November 2008,   Maghreb Arabe Presse

• Year 2007

– Rapport final sur l’alliance des civilisations: Un abÎme à comble, Perspectives Online, 1 January 2007.
– Morocco’s IER and INDH Experiences Serve as Model, for Iraq, US Academic, Maghreb Arabe Presse, 27 January 2007.
– Le Fondation du Haut Atlas projette la creation de deux pépinières au Maroc¸ February 2007, Le Matin

• Year 2006

– Reforming Morocco from the Ground Up, The Globalist, 16 January 2006.
– INDH : Un modèle pour les autres pays de la region, Al Bayane, 19 January 2006.
– Gagner la guerre des idées par le développement communautaire, La Gazette, 30 January 2006.
– Prospects for Morocco to 2025, Al Bawaba, 15 February 2006.
– Perspectives du Maroc pour 2025: Un potentiel énorme, Al Bayane, 22 February 2006.
– Win the War of Ideas through Community Development, American Humanist, March-April 2006
– Millennium Challenge and Morocco, Muslim World Today, 31 March 2006.
– Le Millennium Challenge Account et le Maroc, Africa Time/Maroc, 14 April 2006.
– Create an Historic Moroccan-American Partnership: The Millennium Challenge Account and the National Initiative for   Human – Development, International Journal on World Peace, June 2006.
– Création d’un partenariat historique américano-marocain, Maroeains Résidant à IlEtran er, 27 September 2006.
– Participation au développement et l’Alliance des Civilisations, All Africa, 5 December 2006.
– High Atlas Foundation Reception,, April 2006
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• Year 2003

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• Year 2000

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