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Women Who Defy Stereotypes

byIlham Safi
onFebruary 4, 2022

Safi Ilham, HAF Volunteer

Women of Errouichia village planting a tree Photo: Bouchra Zine, HAF

“A woman is a superheroine. Besides raising children, she can help build houses, manage offices and plant trees. She just needs to be trusted,” said Souad.

On 17 January 2022, my colleague Bouchra and I went to Errouichia village where one of High Atlas Foundation’s planting day activities took place. The village is 14 kilometers away from Beni Mellal city. It is rich with orange, olive and pomegranate trees.

When we had just arrived there, women were so pleased to welcome us, their smiles showing their higher motivation for the activity. We shared with them some information on how the almond trees should be treated, but we were surprised that they had already been aware of the trees’ type, age and watering process.

After planting ten almond trees, we took 15 minutes to discuss the cultural tree planting activity. Women shared some proverbs, stories and Islam’s opinion on preserving trees and the priceless value of a tree planting.

Lalla Fatima, women’s cooperative leader, and Safi Ilham planting the first tree Photo: Bouchra Zine,HAF

At the end of our meeting with the women, and after listening to their opinions, ideas and plans, I understood well the cause behind their excitement. They are such powerful women who want to prove to the world that not only men can plant a tree today and preserve it for their children’s future.