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Transformative Voices: Women’s Psychosocial Empowerment in Sfiha, Al Hoceim

byZineb Laadam
onMarch 4, 2024

The recent psychosocial empowerment session held in Sfiha from February 24-27 proved to be immensely beneficial for 27 women from diverse backgrounds, including teenagers and adults engaged in various fields such as social work, sewing, and cooking. All of these women are dedicated members of an association focused on sustainable development driven by women.

Some had attended an IMAGINE workshop last year, highlighting their commitment to personal growth and development. Many of their children actively participated in the association's community engagement initiatives, such as the High Atlas Foundation's tree planting day.


The children of the UNFM association participated in the HAF tree planting day.

This workshop offered a supportive environment where participants found solace and valuable insights to enhance their overall well-being.

Ms. Malika, a seasoned social worker, shared her thoughts on the session, saying, "This workshop provided a safe space where we could openly discuss our challenges and support one another. It's rare to find such understanding and empathy in a group setting. I feel more equipped to handle the emotional demands of my work after attending."

Ms. Khadija, a dedicated seamstress, expressed her gratitude, stating, "As someone who juggles multiple responsibilities, I often neglect my own well-being. This session reminded me of the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. I now feel more confident in balancing my personal and professional life."

Their voices echoed the sentiments of many participants, emphasizing the profound impact of the workshop on their lives and work.

The women expressed gratitude for the positive impact on both their personal and professional lives, highlighting the relevance of the session to their specific roles. Many participants emphasized how the workshop provided valuable tools to manage stress, improve interpersonal skills, and enhance their overall work-life balance.

Given the varied backgrounds of the attendees and the unanimous positive feedback, there is a growing consensus that further refinement and expansion of this workshop could significantly contribute to the improvement of women's work lives across different sectors within their women's development association in Sfiha.