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byHouria Chouhab
onMay 31, 2022

By Houria Chouhab, HAF Volunteer Technical and Field Assistant, Farmer-to-Farmer Program

F2F team member discussing the future assignment with the head of Les Hauts Plateaux Cooperative. Photo: Houria Chouhab, HAF

Always in the Oriental region, the F2F team paid a visit to Les Hauts Plateaux (Tendrara Commune, Figuig Province) in order to discuss the upcoming assignment, which consists of training the women of this cooperative how to manufacture cosmetic products using local aromatic plants. This will be the cooperative’s new activity and therefore will enhance the members’ income. It is worth mentioning that the F2F team has already conducted a similar training for the benefit of Laayoune Litanmiat Al Aachab Tibia Cooperative and the local volunteer is keen to share his expertise with more cooperatives.

Going down the map of Figuig Province, the F2F team made their way to Tizizoua Cooperative in order to meet the president and some of its members.

F2F team member meeting with the president of Tizizoua Cooperative. Photo: Houria Chouhab, HAF

Initially, the F2F team toured the under-construction-cooperative as well as the area where a tree nursery is supposed to be. The area dedicated to the nursery—no more than 400m²—is not spacious enough, but the president explained that this place will be more like a construction site and then they will move the ready plants to a bigger oasis outside the city of Figuig. The F2F team will provide the technical support when it comes to building the tree nursery and will bring an expert who will explain every detail they need to know about this project.

Always in the agricultural field, it is worth mentioning that Tizizoua cooperative will also work on making honey products, and this will definitely increase the cooperative’s activities and enhance the income of its members.

The F2F team is looking forward to providing assistance when it comes to queen bee rearing with the international Volunteer Douglas Johnson.