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Planting for the planet: Flight Centre to Reforest one million trees in next 12 months

Daniel Walsh reforest
byMatt Leedham
onAugust 14, 2023

In what is a trailblazing partnership for the travel industry, Brisbane-based climate-tech startup, Reforest is teaming up with global travel titan Flight Centre to plant a million trees in its first year.

Aptly named ‘Planting for the Planet’, the new joint initiative will see trees planted with every purchase of Flight Centre’s Captain’s Pack to amplify the value and the purpose for conscious travellers.In a statement that cements the company’s commitment, Andrew Stark, Flight Centre Global Managing Director, unveiled an ambitious target: “We aim to plant a million trees in our first year.”Flight Centre says it will leverage Reforest’s platform to monitor the ecological and societal gains birthed by ‘Planting for the Planet’, saying it’s not just about the number of trees; it’s the ripple effect on communities and the environment.

Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark, Flight Centre Global Managing Director

Trees for the program will sprout in select reforestation projects locally across Australia as well as Canada, Morocco, and New Zealand.

Brisbane-based Reforest crafts bespoke programs, helping businesses and tourist destinations to weave tangible, beneficial environmental action seamlessly into their fabric.

Powering the green initiative is Reforest’s innovative platform, which empowers businesses to champion climate and nature repair in personalised ways.

With its recent investment stake from G Adventures and strategic alliance with Planeterra, a non-profit that boosts community tourism worldwide, Reforest ensures the credibility of its reforestation projects.

Planting for the Planet Morocco project Womens coop nursery courtesy High Atlas Foundation

Planting for the Planet, Morocco Project, Women’s Coop Nursery courtesy High Atlas Foundation

“Aligning with Flight Centre on this journey is a pivotal moment for us,” says Daniel Walsh, Reforest’s CEO.Speaking about the simple act of tree planting, Walsh said, “When executed with genuine intent and full transparency, this gesture not only combats climate change but also lets everyone – from staff to customers – feel woven into the narrative. Flight Centre is pioneering this shift, embedding environmental care right into their services.”The program officially takes off on August 15th, 2023.