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My First Experience with Haf

Aicha 1
byAisha Baamrani
onFebruary 6, 2020

HAF Volunteer

On January 15, my journey with Nora to Toubkal Mountains began with much enthusiasm and excitement. On the first day, we headed to the first village, “Missour,” where we felt very welcomed. We tried to create a comfortable environment for families, make the communication as smooth as possible, and establish a good atmosphere to exchange with the participants.

The families were very generous. Despite their difficult living conditions, every family we visited welcomed us with tea. We visited 46 houses in all; Nora is a very hard-working and determined person, so we worked until 9 PM trying to meet all of the families.

The most challenging task was explaining the project details and the purpose of it to the participants even though I was keen to explain everything in the beginning of each meeting.
This experience was deeply touching. Every day was better than the day before, especially in the second village “Agrzrane.” Moreover, working with Nora was a good collaboration. It was an experience with many lessons learned.

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