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Join High Atlas Foundation for GivingTuesday,The Global Day of Giving, November 28, 2023!

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onNovember 9, 2023

Dear Partners and Friends,

As we approach Giving Tuesday, we want to share an update on HAF's earthquake response and the ongoing needs of Moroccan communities. Facing changed families, a loss of stability, and reduced opportunities to work and earn money because of the devastating earthquake in Morocco, many women are dealing with intense emotions of helplessness and grief.

These women are pillars of their families and their communities and they could be a driving force for inspiring recovery efforts across their region. To support their achieving personal and communal resilience, HAF will be providing women from 9 earthquake-affected villages with psychotherapy and empowerment workshops that involve psychoeducational exercises and teach coping and self-care strategies.

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Women in Achbarou Village engaging in psychosocial therapy in October 2023.

We've distributed 363 tons of supplies to 14,881 households in 341 villages, including essential items like food packages, blankets, warm clothing, tents (570), and hygiene kits, and we are transitioning to intermediate response projects that address critical needs during the winter, such as water and housing infrastructure, and moving toward long-term rebuilding.

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HAF team distributing essential supplies to communities in the Asni village in September 2023.

"Where will we put our children when the winter comes?" asked Fadma, a woman in the Anfli village, Setti Fadma Valley. "No one is helping us. We are in the hands of God."

We are moving forward as quickly as possible to provide intermediate shelter, WASH solutions, and psychosocial support and empowerment with these communities.

  1. Intermediate shelters🏠: We are building intermediate shelters for earthquake-affected communities, providing an insulated, sturdy solution as winter approaches.

  2. WASH projects💧: In collaboration with communities in the High Atlas Mountains, HAF is building and repairing basins and canals for drinking, irrigation, sanitation, and hygiene.

  3. Psychosocial support and empowerment🧠: By delivering workshops for psychosocial support, including activities to help process trauma and grief, this program empowers the people in earthquake-affected communities to adapt and grow.

By joining the GivingTuesday movement, you’re proving that in times of uncertainty, generosity can bring the world together.

Here is how you can support Moroccan communities now and on Giving Tuesday:

  1. Mark your calendar!

  2. Give. On November 28, go to

  3. Attend our webinar on November 28 at 4 PM Marrakech time (GMT+1) to learn more about HAF’s earthquake relief impact and how you can support our ongoing projects. Interested? Register here!