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Environmental Workshop in Jerada Province

byLahcen Ben Moula
onApril 4, 2022

By Lahcen Ben Moula

On March 28, the High Atlas Foundation in coordination with Zrayka Association for Development and Cooperation organized an environmental workshop for the students of Ibn Battuta School in the village of Ganfouda in Jerada province. Students of all school levels were involved in the planting process for more than 20 trees after they learned how to plant them. They gained information about the stages of tree planting and its importance in human life as well as the significant role we play in preserving our lives on earth.

The main objective of this workshop was to educate students about the importance of preserving the environment and integrating the culture of tree planting into the educational system to create a generation of young people who possess the culture of defending the environment, preserving nature, and improving the aesthetics of the school space.

The students interacted with this workshop and expressed their joy and thanks to the High Atlas Foundation, which provided them with many trees and contributed to raising their awareness about the environment and the need to plant trees anywhere to ensure the future of humanity.