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CNN Call to Earth Day

Join the High Atlas Foundation on Wednesday, November 2021 for a special event that celebrates the Earth.

Tune in on the HAF Facebook page for three separate activities to commemorate the day:

1. Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir is interviewed from the Akrich interfaith community cemetery on CNN;

2. The Potential of Planting Fruit Trees for (Multidimensional) Poverty Alleviation in the High Atlas Mountains: A Facebook Live event with Nora Martetschläger; and

3. Streamed community tree-planting with Field Coordinator and Tree Monitor Abdeljalil with students at a rural primary school in Al Haouz.


Nora Martetschläger is an international social worker and researcher, currently working in a youth center in Germany. A main focus of her academic work lies in poverty alleviation, environmental protection and the connection between both. During an internship at HAF she visited two villages in the High Atlas mountains to research potential impacts of fruit tree planting projects on multidimensional poverty.  


Nov 10 2021


All Day