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New Nurseries Help Taza and Guercif Communities

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byHouria Chouhab
onMay 19, 2022

By Houria Chouhab
F2F Volunteer Technical & Field Assistant

Maskarate Nursery in Guercif Province, built in 2021 Photo credit: Houria Chouhab, HAF

Since 2000, communities have benefited equally from more than 15 tree nurseries that the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) has built in different regions in Morocco. Today, these nurseries are home to fig, pomegranate, cherry, almond, walnut, carob, olive trees and more.

Caretakers are working hard to bring to life one of the biggest nurseries that the HAF as ever worked on. Newly built in Bouhlou Commune in partnership with the Water and Forestry Administration of Taza Province and the High Atlas Foundation, the Bouhlou Nursery gives the workers the opportunity to incubate 20,000 saplings each of almond, pomegranate, and carob..

Bouhlou Nursery in Bouhlou commune/ Taza Province Photo credit: Houria Chouhab

On a recent spring day, the F2F team visited that nursery as well as another new one in Maskarate Village (Guercif Province) that also grows pomegranate and carob as well as fig, olive, and cherry and medicinal and aromatic plants. Lalla Aicha, the head of the caretakers, is trying other trees that have never been planted in that area before, such as Argan and watermelon, at the Maskarate Tree Nursery, built in 2021 and supported by the High Atlas Foundation.