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Meeting with the Union of Cooperatives of Oulad Salmane of Safi

byMustapha Tarhbalout
onFebruary 20, 2024

On the first of February, members of the HAF team attended a meeting organized by the Union of Cooperatives, Regional Association for Olive Production in Safi, Association for Cultural Work and Development, and Anakhil Association for Rural Development in Oulad Salmane to present HAF’s community tree-planting program.

Sustainability – both economic and environmental – is a core concern of the associations. A lively discussion of a soil sustainability program preceded our presentation. I then provided detailed information on the procedures for farmers to obtain trees, emphasizing the significance of sustainable agriculture.

The second part of our presentation delved into the carbon offset program, aiming to raise awareness among attendees who were largely unfamiliar with this environmental initiative. We outlined the steps for farmers to actively participate in carbon offsetting, answering questions throughout. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a cornerstone of the program, and I emphasized that HAF’s work contributes to the broader goals of mitigating climate change and building communities’ resilience.


The active engagement and positive feedback from the farmers were gratifying. We left the meeting with a sense of accomplishment and a wealth of diverse perspectives.

In the afternoon, I proceeded to the Khat Azakane municipality to meet with local officials regarding the FRE Skincare tree planting program, for which 9,300 argan and carob trees and 13,000 caper plants have been planted. The 28 farming families associated with the program are excited about the initiative, with over a 90% survival rate of the trees. We will continue to coordinate with local stakeholders, including to expand the program and ensure a seamless integration of our initiatives with the needs of the communities. Through these efforts, we aim to enhance agricultural practices, promote environmental sustainability, and foster positive partnerships with the farming communities in the region.