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Environmental activities in Taza

By Aziz Rahmouni

On Sunday, May 15, HAF team conducted environmental activities with 52 students and 4 teachers from Groupe École Asâada pour L’enseignement Privé, a private school located in the city of Taza. The team began the workshop with an introductory presentation of the High Atlas Foundation, including its goals, objectives, and programs. The workshop’s facilitator, Aziz Rahmouni, then explained to the students the significance of forests and trees in nature, likening the different functions of a tree to the different functions of a human body; just like us, trees can eat, drink, and breathe. The facilitator ended the workshop with a discussion of the important relationship trees have with humans and animals. By the conclusion of the activities, the students had gained a newfound understanding of the important role trees have in nature and in our lives, as well as an understanding that trees must be respected and protected.

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