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Year-End Achievements and Appeal

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onSeptember 22, 2018

Give to the High Atlas Foundation, Now More than Ever

The future is incredible when we look at the many municipalities in Morocco where HAF-HA3 can help organic certify and sell their agricultural product globally – for their transformational benefit.

Net revenue from organic sales are dividends for marginalized farming families, and fund the people’s priority projects in health, education, water efficiency, and social enterprises with women and youth.

These days are of firsts and promise, and will only happen once. Our upcoming maiden export to the United States of 14 tons of organic walnuts is the outcome of a nursery-to-market value chain that is almost on solid footing to being great.

The financial horizon for fueling major human development through our green growth model is so beautiful. We are working though on so close margins because expenditures are at their tallest relative to revenue.

The planting season has also begun and we have the goal of planting 400,000 fruit seeds in 9 provinces. Planting 1 million took us ten years.

To our Partners: Thank you for supporting communities in implementing their dreams, in a way that engines people’s projects in human development.

Where would we be without the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, who fund the community training, nurseries and processing facilities? The National Endowment for Democracy has made building cooperatives and capacities possible. Lucky’s Farmers Market Foundation is in our hearts forever – for financing the purchase of the tons of walnuts from the farmers, so that it can be sold on the organic global market. There are thank goodness many special others that have made possible achievements for sustainability.

Every ounce of support now for HAF is so amplified because of the time we are in and closeness at hand of success for entire municipalities of people, and potentially in the not distant future for whole provinces and the country.

We so humbly ask you to contribute – in order for the dream to take a vital step into reality.