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Updates: Sidi Abdallah, Skhour Rhamna province

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onMarch 3, 2022

On February 2nd, the Farmer to Farmer team met with the president of OMNIA IHLANE Co-operative and the director of the National Office of the Agricultural Council (ONCA). The purpose of this meeting was to collect data from Omnia Ihlane Cooperative President, Lalla Sfia. This co-op was created in March 2021 by five ambitious women, and they mainly work with medicinal and aromatic plants.

In collaboration with the Provincial Department of Agriculture (DPA), the High Atlas Foundation seeks to build a nursery for the benefit of OMNIA IHLANE co-op, which will enable them to grow organic fruits and vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants. This nursery will be the second one in the Rhamna Province after the nursery that was built in Bouchan in 2018. The co-op’s president seems bound and determined to make this project work, and the F2F team is looking forward to helping this community.