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The Solar Panels and the Windy Summer Season

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJune 20, 2022

Back in March, the Farmer-to-Farmer team and their US volunteer conducted workshops in both Marrakech-Safi and Beni-Mellal Khenifra regions about how to properly maintain the solar panels. Three nurseries were chosen for this training, one being Konouz Lakdirate Nursery.

The volunteer provided the essential tools and methods to keep their solar panels clean and well maintained, and he left his recommendations to the host organizations to apply. As it gets windy in the beginning of summer, the volunteer recommended the nursery caretakers to clean the panels more often in order to have the same efficiency. Additionally, since the panels are high in this site, they were asked to fix water pipes on the top of the panels in order to make it easier to clean the higher parts.

The caretakers in Konouz Lakdirate nursery explained that they followed the volunteer’s recommendations and were willing to add the water pipes to the top of the panels, for they find it really hard to reach the highest panels.