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The Development of the HAF-HA3 Value Chain

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onSeptember 30, 2018

We are in the final stages of establishing the organic agricultural value chain for HA3! This begins with community tree nurseries and culminates in certified product – walnuts and almonds initially – entering the global market place.

Here’s what it looks like:

It’s an incredible achievement on the part of HAF-HA3 to have developed to the point where all its components function simultaneously – a vital necessity. In practical terms, we are entering the planting season while building community nurseries, buying and processing the product and providing experiential training for farmers.

In achieving, we are learning so much; further, we are not only creating the basis for reinvestment this year in human development projects with the net profit from organic product sales but also setting the scene for incredible success next year.

This is a momentous moment in the fourteen years of HAF’s existence and work in Morocco – a moment to pull together to help ensure ongoing achievements for Moroccan rural families in most need.

Please follow the donate button on the HAF website if you would like to support our progress at this special time!