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Teaming up for Renewable Energy

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byKaoutar Ait Lahaj
onSeptember 4, 2020

In order to realize more and more renewable energy achievements, the High Atlas Foundation has added a new and exciting collaboration to the list. This partnership is with Alliance Marocaine pour le Climat et le Développement Durable (AMCDD) and Association des Enseignants de la Vie et de la Terre (AESVT), who also share the same passionate interest in the renewable energy field. Several meetings were conducted before finalizing the goals and the anticipated results of upcoming activities.

The partnership has led to the emergence of the framework of the “Regional Coordination for the Development of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency” (CoRDEREE) as well as the project’s subsequent implementation.

This project aims to bring together governmental and non-governmental parties to act upon their shared vision and achieve a common goal, which is to raise more awareness about renewable energies in as many regions throughout Morocco as possible. It will also focus on setting up capacity building programs in these regions.

Decentralization is also one of the main project objectives, as it is focused on 12 different and diverse regions, not only those with large metropolitan areas. These goals can only be achieved if the resources are mobilized from all concerned parties in order to support regional and local NGOs and encourage them to get more involved in discussions about renewable energy. As a result of having more visibility through this expansion, donors will be encouraged to provide funds that will help in making the project more successful and sustainable.

These actions will result in more engagement from the concerned ministries, NGOs, and even civil society in order to achieve the following objectives and many more:

  • Consolidate and improve the participatory governance of the sector
  • Develop and strengthen the regulatory and normative framework conducive to local community management
  • Democratizing access to renewable energy
  • Developing decentralized energy production in the territories
  • Encourage private investment in the sector by adopting an incentive framework for investment (i.e., land, research & development, aid for continuing education, revenue generation)
  • Unleash the potential of sustainable energy in Morocco’s regions, municipalities, and cities through local project identification, implementation, and evaluation
  • Reduce the need for and distance of travel
  • Increase the use of less fuel-intensive modes of transport and improve the energy efficiency of vehicles
  • Improve the energy and environmental performance of habitat preservation

This project aims to make easier the lives of local people living in these various regions, engage them to be more involved in the decision-making process, and fulfill the common vision of the High Atlas Foundation, AMCDD, and AESVT.