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Taourirt School Tree Planting

byLahcen Ben Moula
onDecember 22, 2021

On Saturday, December 04, 2021, the space of the Mohamed Belkhayat School in the city of El-Ayoun, Tourert province, witnessed a group of diverse and distinguished activities for the conclusion of school cooperation days celebrated by all educational components in Morocco. This was done to promote school life principles and spread values that raise awareness of the importance of teamwork in achieving educational, cultural and humanitarian goals within the educational system.

Among the activities celebrated by the Regional Directorate of Education in the city of Tourirt is the environmental activity, which it organized in coordination with the High Atlas Foundation, as part of the “Initiative to Plant a Million Trees,” where a group of schools affiliated with the regional directorate of Torriet benefited from the seedlings group that were distributed to more than eight schools in the region.

This environmental activity has received great attention, as a gift of a group of seedlings was presented to school heads by the High Atlas Foundation, encouraging them to participate in the process of afforestation and preserving the environment within educational institutions. This gift was also bestowed to show gratitude to them for spreading the culture of environmental preservation among students and within educational frameworks.

The group of schools that received the “International Green Brigade” was also recognized through the presentation of an honorary medal to the schools involved in the “Eco-Schools Program” supporting environmental clubs and awareness-raising work emphasizing the importance of caring for the environment. This program has spread the culture of afforestation among students by activating a group of purposeful educational activities: conserving water and energy, recycling waste, and caring for and preserving trees within the educational space.

At the conclusion of this wonderful day, all components of the Regional Directorate of Education in the province of Tourirt participated in the process of planting a group of seedlings inside the school space in order to establish environmental goals and consolidate ways to preserve them, focusing on encouraging environmental education as an essential and integral part of educational education.