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Ramadan 2010 Eat Drink Share Ftoor

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onApril 12, 2018

Eighteen people attended our first Eat.Drink.Share event in DC, Sunday evening, August 22nd at Marrakesh Palace Restaurant to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and share a traditional Moroccan ftoor among friends. In keeping with the Ramadan spirit of giving, $210 in donations were collected. “$1 – 1 Fruit Tree Sapling”. All proceeds will go to fund our campaign to plant 200,000 fruit trees and saplings in five provinces of Morocco, benefitting approximately 25,000 people in 2011.

The theme of the evening centered on expanding the HAF’s youth outreach program. The HAF teacher toolkit was launched in March 2009 to engage our youth in the U.S. and eventually abroad to feel empowered to make positive change in the world around them. You can read more about our first two events in “a penny can make a difference” and “teacher toolkit take 2“. The HAF youth program is a wonderful companion to any school aged Earth Day event. We are looking to partner with schools for Earth Day 2011.

In addition, the evening’s creativity spurred plans to sponsor a youth “Earth Day 2k Fun Run” to be held in Washington, DC April 2011. Please contact board member, Tina Khartami at with your ideas or to volunteer for an event.Look for invitations for upcoming E.D.S events this fall in NYC, DC and Paris!