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Nissae Tinmel: Cooperation and Empowerment

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJanuary 6, 2022

On December 09, a Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team conducted an IMAGINE workshop for 18 members of Nissae Tinmel Cooperative in Douar Tinmel, Ijoukak Commune, al Haouz Province.

These women were eager as this was the first training they ever attended. At the same time, they were a little bit shy; that was when a member of the team broke the ice by giving the team a clear idea about their projects. Soon, the workshop was launched and the women committed to participating in what the facilitator was presenting.

What grabbed my attention the most was the openness of these women throughout the day: they came out of their shells as they absorbed the main keys and terms of the training.

Another good characteristic that these women possess is honesty. They were ready to admit their flaws and ready to pursue CHANGE:

“Fear is what holds most of us back from realizing our dreams. We always wait for others to enter our world in order to help us know our dreams without stepping out of our comfort zone,’’ said Ouidad.

The facilitator asked two questions that brought out the best from these women. The first had to do with their strength, and in this they demonstrated cooperation and confidence: “Relying on me in every step,” “making the others happy,” “being encouraged,” and “helping the others” were some of their answers.

Switching to their weaknesses, the women did not feel ashamed to share honestly among each other: “Being illiterate,” “being disappointed,” and “being unable to provide my kids with things they need” were the common answers.

These women’s showed that they want to make their lives better, and they have a willingness and commitment as keys to the change they yearn for.

One of the participants while discussing her fears with the coach.

One of the other good qualities these women possess is cooperation, and this is clearly demonstrated in the photo showing the literate women helping the illiterate ones understand a workshop’s exercise.

It is impressive how they committed with full emotion to the four days of training. They laughed, cried, shared their fears, and, most importantly, encouraged each other. Indeed, that is the true meaning of a cooperative.

What was most noticeable about these women and grabbed my attention is that they all have a special sparkle in their eyes. They are all eager to learn and improve themselves. One of the beneficiaries said that she was saving money in order to go visit a psychologist, but this workshop gave her an opportunity to talk her heart out, talk about her fears and her worries. ‘I feel I am lucky,’ she said.

The women were given certificates on the last day of the training.

Getting positive feedback at the end of each Imagine workshop gives us energy and desire to empower every woman in Morocco.