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Moroccan Multiculturalism Exemplified in Essaouira

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byYossef Ben-Meir
onJanuary 14, 2019

Today we had a great meeting with the director of the Cultural Delegation in Essaouira, Zhor Amhaouch. We had the opportunity to discuss together the project to restore a Franciscan church, which will not only preserve the historic, diverse, and magnificent cultural heritage of Morocco, but also create human development opportunities for local civil society today.

The commitment of the Ministry of Culture to both embrace and completely put forward Moroccan multiculturalism, while at the same time build the capacities and livelihoods of the people is truly commendable and it is a heartfelt honor for HAF to work together with partners in Essaouira to help fulfill heritage and meet people’s needs.While HAF’s President, program assistant, and a volunteer met with the director, we had another dedicated volunteer—Ilyas Dkhissi—complete photographing the tombstones of the old Jewish cemetery of Essaouira. These photos will be among others that will constitute a beautiful, most-touching book of poems inscribed by the loved ones in dearest memory of those who have passed.