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Mastercard Partnership Expands Recovery Efforts

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byYossef Ben-Meir
onApril 16, 2024

Marrakech, Morocco – In response to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, 2023, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) is proud to announce its ongoing partnership with Mastercard and the Mastercard Impact Fund. Together, we have initiated a crucial aid distribution and shelter installation project to provide immediate relief and support to impacted communities in the Al Haouz and Ouarzazate provinces.

Through the joint efforts of HAF and Mastercard, critical supplies such as food, blankets, mattresses, and pillows have been provided to 17 villages (8,437 people) in the affected areas, offering much-needed support and comfort. Additionally, the partnership has successfully provided 91 intermediate shelters in the Al Haouz region. These shelters are providing 2,249 displaced individuals with a safe, warm, and comfortable place to call home in the wake of a devastating natural disaster.

The introduction of these intermediate shelters, designed for durability and insulation, marks a significant improvement over temporary tent accommodations, providing not just shelter but a sense of community and involvement for the residents. This initiative underlines the importance of sustainable solutions and community engagement in disaster response efforts.

As we continue working in Morocco, we reiterate our dedication to the highest standard of aid work, ensuring support reaches those who need it most. The upcoming phase will include construction of more intermediate shelters in Al Haouz province, expanding the reach and impact of our efforts on the ground.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mastercard for their invaluable support and dedication to this cause. It is through such partnerships that we can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by natural disasters. Together, we are not just rebuilding homes; we are rebuilding lives, offering hope and a path toward recovery and redevelopment for the Moroccan communities we serve.

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