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International Women’s Day 2022

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byJackson Coldiron
onMarch 8, 2022

On March 8th, 2022, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. First initiated in 1911, IWD was eventually adopted by the United Nations in 1977 as a mainstream global holiday. Today, the day highlights the cultural, economic, social and political achievements of women across the world. The day also aims to bring awareness to the women’s rights movement and is a call to action for fostering women’s equality.

In 2022, the theme of IWD is to #BreakTheBias and has an accompanying pose—crossing your arms in front of your body to form an X. Join the conversation by striking the pose and sharing any images, videos, resources, presentations or articles to social media. Everyone has the power to encourage others to be a part of the change.

Across the globe, the day is celebrated in a variety of ways.

In London, the Women of the World festival brings activists, performers and speakers together to discuss and present ideas for overcoming obstacles women face on a global scale.

Citizens of Chile march through cities donning green bandanas in support of sexual and reproductive rights while chanting and beating drums.

Italy marks the day by giving women bunches of yellow mimosa flowers to symbolize female strength.

Each country has their own unique traditions, all aiming to lift up and celebrate women, without whom our society could not exist. #WomenHoldUpHalftheSky

For the High Atlas Foundation, empowering women in Morocco is a bedrock of our mission. The “Imagine” workshops facilitate self-discovery and personal growth to help women find their own unique voices and achieve their goals. The “Moudawana” Family Code brings women together to learn about legal protections and discover how to advance social justice. Together the “Imagine-Moudawana” integrated experience provides women the opportunity to advocate and act on their needs and goals.

Whether you’re a business person in New York or a farmer in Indonesia, take the time on March 8th to be a part of International Women’s Day. Women have contributed so much to our world and for too long they have been underappreciated, undervalued, and discriminated against. This is a day to raise awareness about issues impacting women’s equality, forge positive action, and celebrate the impactful accomplishments achieved by women on this planet.