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Ifrane Nursery Progress

byLloyd Farley
onOctober 22, 2018

In the field of development, it is not often when you can see so much happen in just one day. A lot of the projects consist of behind the scenes work that yields undramatic, yet important results. However, today is a day in which significant progress has been made. As a result of our awesome partners with the Salam school, local government and Ecosia we were able to make significant progress in transforming a dusty hill into an even, flat field with good soil ready for planting. Additionally, This newly transformed field will be the home of our second tree nursery in Ifrane!

Transforming the land in the way that we did is part and parcel of sustainable agriculture. Slopes are deadly to productive soils and exaggerate erosion. With our work soil erosion will be significantly mitigated and the soil quality will be protected and other natural resources, such as water will not go to waste. With the proper investments in the land, the land is certain to repay us in kind with fertile and productive soils!

Speaking of natural resources, we also cemented the top of the well that we will be drawing from to irrigate the nursery. The cement will allow for us to install a pump and will ensure the safety of the students who will be undoubtedly running around the schoolyard.

Without the help of our wonderful staff and partners, especially Ecosia, progress like this would not be possible and the vision of a sustainable future would be a little less complete.