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Haf to Plant 1.2 Million Seeds in 11 Fruit Tree Nurseries in 2020

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byHajiba Boumasmar
onJanuary 6, 2020

For the entire day at the headquarters of the High Atlas Foundation in Marrakech, a meeting took place with HAF’s nursery caretakers, together with HAF’s President Yossef, Director of Projects Amina, Project Manager Said, and Monitoring Officer Hajiba.

As part of the 2020 project to plant in 11 nurseries 1.2 million seeds for trees – including almond, Argan, cherry, olive, pomegranate, fig, carob, and walnut – a detailed plan was developed to accomplish this goal involving seven provinces. This project is funded by Ecosia, which planted more than 75 million trees worldwide and created thousands of jobs since its creation in 2009. In-kind contributors of land to HAF for community nurseries are the High Commission of Waters and Forests, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Moroccan Jewish Community, cooperatives, and associations.

From all the regions of Morocco and from various communes, this meeting brought together all the members of the High Atlas Foundation, (Ifrane, fez, Azilal, Al-Haouz, Ouajda, Ouarzazate), in addition to the members of the official office of Marrakech, we discussed in detail the information about the type and the percentage of seeds in each nursery.

The mission of the High Atlas Foundation is always to promote sustainable development as well as the promotion of organic farming in nurseries and to rely on new technologies to increase profitability. Personally, I have benefited a lot from the experience of these managers and the way in which their daily contact with the land has enabled them to learn a lot about agriculture and its technologies, as well as to benefit from seasonal trainings on the environment.

I really felt the responsibility as a member of this project, so I am working with my colleagues to make this project a success by regularly monitoring each nursery separately and making sure that all the equipment each nursery needs, to cultivate seeds in the best conditions to produce high quality trees.

I am fortunate to be a member of this project, which I have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development of my country. HAF-Ecosia have the basic principles for the success of this project: teamwork, community, commitment, discipline, perseverance, and work.

Give to this project.