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Global Sustainability Through Community Development

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byNora Larhouasli Marrakchi
onApril 12, 2018

“Global Sustainability through Community Development” is the theme of People to People International’s (PTPI) 2010 Young Generation (YG) IMPACT Weekend to be held on Friday, May 28, 2010 – Sunday, May 30, 2010 at The Heldrich Hotel (10 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ). The conference is aimed at connecting young adults to PTPI’s mission of enhancing international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. This year, a delegation of students ages 18 – 25, will depart for Morocco at the conclusion of the conference to work on numerous projects, including a three day program in the village of Tassa Ouirgane with The High Atlas Foundation.

At the conference, a special interactive session on the power of community development in Morocco will be led by HAF Board Member Nora Larhouasli Marrakchi on Saturday, May 29th from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. Learn more about the importance of community development in Morocco, the participatory community planning methods used by HAF in the field, and the successes and challenges with this kind of development approach.

Learn more about PTPI’s Young Generation (YG) IMPACT Weekend and HAF’s involvement. For more information on discounted tickets please email Nora Larhouasli Marrakchi directly at