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Forum at Tiznit

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onFebruary 16, 2022

Two HAF Cultural Coordinators of the USAID Dakira program held a forum in Tiznit, presenting the objectives of the program and introducing other HAF activities and programs. Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir described HAF’s creation and how he learned that the Jewish and Muslim people had lived in Morocco in serenity and harmony.

After the opening words, the team received several requests for contact from those present who wanted to know more about HAF’s activities, among them the municipality of Tiznit, the municipality of Ouijane, “the regional council of Tiznit”, and the council of the Agadir-Souss-Massa region.

Dakira Cultural Coordinators has made several media statements about the Dakira project and what has been achieved. The interviews took place, during the outing that the organizing association scheduled during the forum, at the Mellah and cemetery and the Jewish school of Tiznit. During the interviews the two coordinators Ikbale and Omaima presented the axes of work of the High Atlas Foundation as well as the new project of the HAF Dakira, of which it seeks to preserve the symbolic institutional heritage that future generations will be able to use to shape their own identity.

The next day the team went to Ouijane and discovered the Jewish cemetery and some douars belonging to the commune. Dr. Ben-Meir and the rest of the team had a meeting with some members of the commune, who expressed their willingness to work with HAF and to make a partnership considering the commune’s needs according to Ouijane’s history.

The next day, the association Initiatives and Communication of Tiznit (the organizer of the forum) met to discuss the points of collaboration between HAF and them, and they also expressed their willingness to partner with HAF as the city of Tiznit was a city where the Jewish people had lived, and the proof of this is the presence of several monuments that confirm this. Finally, the president of the City Council of Tiznit expressed his intention to work with HAF in his territory.

This article was completed with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Dakira Program, and the High Atlas Foundation is solely responsible for its content, which does not necessarily reflect the views of the USAID or the Government of the United States.