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Building Agroforestry Systems in Taroudant Province

byYoussef Tahiri, Amina El Hajjami
onOctober 18, 2021

In the Tigmi Ntrga Village located in the Tisfan Commune, HAF has made notable progress toward achieving objectives for a UNDP-funded project to build agroforestry systems as a means of economic recovery from the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the project began in June 2021, lines of communication have been established with key local authorities in order to expedite activities. The governor of the Taroudant Province as well as other local actors are informed of the project and its progress. The HAF team has met with the president of Tisfan Commune, its community members (with a particular emphasis on female community members), and local associations in the village to involve them in the implementation of the project and the achievement of its goals. The team also visited the site where a new nursery will be built.

Once these initial meetings took place, the HAF team began the procurement process in order to purchase equipment and supplies for the construction of the nursery. These materials were then distributed to Tigmi Ntrga.

Water infrastructure is one of the most crucial aspects of the nursery construction, and notable progress has been made in this regard as well. The irrigation system was installed in collaboration with local association members. In addition, a machine was rented to prepare the land for construction, and greenhouses were installed.

Female community members participated in a training on how to fill plastic bags and how to plant carob and Argan seeds. The HAF team also purchased Argan and carob seeds, and the women began the process of filling plastic bags in the nursery.

In addition, female community members of Tigmi Ntrga participated in an empowerment workshop for four days. This allowed them space to reflect on their goals, serving as a positive source of energy and motivation to continue working on the tree nursery project.

In Tifrki Village, located in the commune of Adar, the HAF team met with members of the Ikmir Association for Development and Cooperation. Together, the group visited the 20 hectares of land that will be planted in the future. During this period, the team focused on mapping the land, specifying the location of the well that will be installed, and made progress on authorizations necessary to begin digging from the Basin Hydraulic Agency.

Check out photos from this project on HAF’s Flickr account.