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A Window Of Time - So Let’s Plant

Tree planting 1
byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJanuary 1, 2024

Many opportunities in life come with short windows of time. When they do come and we are able, they ought to be seized before they pass.

Such is the tree planting season, the limited time we have every year to sow seeds. This fleeting period in Morocco is now upon us.

With the High Atlas Foundation, an organic fruit tree in the ground is a beautiful and dynamic story. It foremost reflects the hearts’ desire of farming communities, cooperatives, and associations. Its variety is local Moroccan and its planting and care are by the farming families, who reap all its benefits.

Partnerships that are public-private, Moroccan interfaith, local and international, empowering of women and youth, and supporting the entire process from community nurseries to monitoring at global standards, are all bound in that one growing tree.

What took us to plant in a decade, we now achieve multiple times within a year. With rural communities of Morocco, let’s leap multiple-fold again.

Plant trees now and we can achieve Moroccan dreams. Together, we’ll hope for good rain upon us. Plant for biodiversity, food security, our climate, gender development, solidarity of diversity, rebuilding and reinvestment, for today and generations. And together we’ll give our best wishes for the rain we so need.

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Tree planting 8

On January 15, on HAF’s National Tree Planting Day, we will plant with friends in Morocco everywhere we can. Thank you sincerely for wanting our fulfillment of immense potential. Please give.

Yours faithfully,

The High Atlas Foundation