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A Day With the Kids: International Dentist Service in Tnine Bouchane

Dental care for children
byAloys Trinker
onOctober 9, 2023

In Tnine Bouchane, Morocco, an event unfolded that improved the hygiene health of local children. The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) has partnered for several years with Kids International Dentist Services to assist young rural people facing dental challenges due to sulfur-rich water and inadequate dental care. For the dentists, assistants, and supporters of Kids International, dental care is an act of compassion and transformation.

The day begins with eager children gathering at the registration desk, their eyes filled with anticipation. They face dental issues ranging from troublesome tooth extractions to the need for cleaning and desired cosmetic enhancements.

The clinic is well-organized, with five distinct zones: dental check, teeth whitening, a waiting area, an equipped operation theater, and a post-operation space for children to recover and play. What sets this whole operation apart is its unwavering commitment to hygiene and safety, with meticulous sterilization rituals after every procedure.

Before dental work begins, the children receive anesthesia injections for comfort while listening to soothing background music. The post-operation room provides a sanctuary for recovery.

Dedicated dentists and support staff work tirelessly to address the mistreated oral health issues in this community. The prevalence of dental problems in the Marrakesh region is evident.

Hygiene is paramount, and the dentists themselves are committed to cleanliness, even taking matters into their own hands if needed.

The clinic buzzes with activity, with support from local authorities, including police and government officials.

As the clock strikes 10 AM, children huddle at the registration desk with palpable joy and excitement. Throughout the day, the clinic echoes with the many sounds of successful dental procedures, revealing the common thread of sulfur-tainted water and inadequate dental care as the source of their dental issues.

Dr. Cheryl extends her warm embrace to the children, while Karma bridges the language gap, translating their concerns. At the end of the day, each child leaves with an Ibuprofen and a bright smile.

Morocco classroom

As the sun sets and the last procedures conclude, doctors and volunteers receive a plate of chicken couscous as a symbol of appreciation. An invitation to a small, unexpected party follows, where a table brimming with sweets, cakes, Moroccan bread, and fresh olive oil awaits.

The Kids International Dentist Service is more than a dental practitioner; it's a testament to human compassion. It reminds us that kindness knows no borders.