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Dear friends

Dear friends,

Here’s a thought in relation to the sustainability of all our communities: each of us in our own way must give and give, and all that good received should be dedicated to self-reliant, independence-creating enterprises.

The planting and monitoring of organic fruit trees that HAF accomplishes with communities is the Moroccan people’s enterprise, which enables not only enhanced food security and livelihoods for generations but also the finances they need to invest in local projects that improve access to and quality of education, public health, and the different essential priorities that they have.

Thus, planting a tree at this moment with us, when sufficient rain will hopefully fall, is an embodiment of real sustainability because of all the layers of partnerships and empowerment involved and the greater capacity for farming communities to determine and create the change they want.

On behalf of the High Atlas Foundation, we wish you success and health – and sustainability.

Yours faithfully,

Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder

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