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Community Meetings in the Khenifra Region

By Bouchra Zine
Family Literacy Program Field Officer

A member of the Femmes Bouleft cooperative demonstrates woven carpets Photo: HAF team

On 8 February 2022, two members of the Family Literacy Program team in Beni Mellal- Khenifra went to Boutghediwt village, Sidi Yahya ou’Saad commune, Khenifra region, in order to meet two co-ops of women there. Boutghediwt Cooperative for development and Boutghediwt cooperative for goat farming are created by local women to develop the women’s situation and guarantee her financial independence. All of the 22 participants were so happy with the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) workshops and projects. Also, they are looking to be a part of the positive change by committing to the literacy classes and the technical training. 

In the afternoon, the program team moved to Boulaft village, El Kbab commune, Khenifra province, to meet Nissae Boulaft co-op members. There are six women and three men. As they said, to have young and educated men within the cooperative is very important, especially since the women cannot yet take responsibility for marketing, finance, and legal papers by themselves. Ten women will commit to the classes and workshops.

On the way back, exactly in the center of El Kbab commune, the team met one more cooperative who are really hard workers. They just leased a headquarters to expand their work, and they are ready to start an IMAGINE workshop, technical training, and literacy program. Mr Houssa, the cooperative’s president, called the team several times after the meeting to guarantee that his cooperative women would be included in the program’s activities. 

Boutghediwt Development cooperative members learn about the Family Literacy program Photos: HAF team

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