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Haf’s Fruit Tree Nurseries Vision: Fes Province

Tree Monitoring Officer Caption: HAF nurseries, Fes province: tree-planting  skills build good members of society The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) uses land given in-kind by the High Commissioner of Water and Forests and the Fight Against Desertification, local associations, and cooperatives around Morocco to establish organic fruit tree nurseries which provide sustainable projects for the

Planting Trees Can Reduce Poverty and Slow Climate Change

Planting trees can reduce poverty and slow climate change, The Daily Guardian, By Jacqueline Skalski-Fouts, 29 August 2020. • Arabic: Beirut Taimes, 30 Aug 2020. Photo by the High Atlas Foundation, Morocco. Humanitarian crises have recently been declared in Sudan, Yemen, Niger, Mali, and Somalia—affecting at least 450,000 people—due to flash floods and landslides. Areas with

Golden Seeds

HAF Project Manager FRÉ Skincare and HAF Partnering with Argan Cooperatives in Essaouira Argania Spinosa is the only type of argan tree around the world; it’s a tree endemic to Morocco and characteristic of North Africa for its biological, nutritional, socioeconomic, and ecological value. Argania Spinosa wood is an excellent source of charcoal. The tree’s

The Women of Takhrkhourt Cooperative in Tassa Ouirgane

Article: سيدات تعاونية تاخرخورت بتسا ويركان, Beirut Times, By Amina El Hajjami. HAF’s Director of Projects After building an organic tree nursery and a well, and after facilitating participatory meetings and trainings concerning environmental protections with the farmers and the men’s association in Tassa Ouirgane village (Al Haouz province, Marrakech-Safi region), a project financed by the

Distributing Food and Hygiene Materials in Taroudant Province: A Symbol of Social Solidarity

On July 27-28, a HAF team composed of Field Technician Abdeljalil, driver Mustapha, and I hit the road to Taroudant Province for the distribution of food and hygiene materials, a project implemented in partnership with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy as an act of social solidarity with people who have been severely impacted, economically and socially,

Why Plant Trees?

Yossef Ben-Meir, Amina El Hajjami, and Ellen Hernandez HAF Colleagues The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) has been working with farming families in Morocco since 2000 to plant trees for sustainable agricultural development. The first question we are often asked is “Why plant trees?” Let us address that question as well as exploring other questions about

My Experience with Grant Writing for the High Atlas Foundation

HAF Intern – UVA student As this was my first opportunity working on a grant proposal, I did not know much about the content and format of proposals previously; however, I knew that writing one was an important skill to acquire. Furthermore, I was able to explore new areas of the High Atlas Foundation’s work.

Planting Trees: An Act of Faith

By Yossef Ben-Meir, Imane Akhezzane, and Ellen Hernandez The Qur’an speaks about water as the life force: the heavens and the Earth were a joined entity, and then they were separated and every living thing was made from water [21:30]. Everything needs water to survive, and among these, of course, are trees. Trees help us

Monitoring Trees in Amizmiz: Another Way to Discover Moroccan Nature and History

HAF Projects Coordinator It was with great enthusiasm that I took the road to Amizmiz a week ago to evaluate the trees distributed by the High Atlas Foundation to various farmers in this region. Tree monitoring is a process rooted in the activities of the Foundation. This is a crucial and necessary step which allows

High Atlas Foundation’s Partnerships Extend Argan Oil Industry Women’s Empowerment

The argan oil industry’s impact on rural empowerment is growing nationwide, in part, because of international demand on women’s cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) launched in Morocco in 2005, which aims to “reduce poverty, grow the economy, and strengthen the kingdom’s social fabric” through participatory development, directly contributes to that industry’s

Drawing Trees: A Participatory Approach to Addressing Challenges

HAF Project Manager The High Atlas Foundation prioritizes participant ownership of the project identification, design, management, and monitoring processes in all of its work in Morocco. It utilizes a plethora of techniques and tools to ensure that its work is conceived of and driven by its beneficiary base, and this in turn contributes to the

We Must Motivate Our Youth by Planting Trees

HAF Project Manager High Atlas Foundation in Morocco is involving all of society’s parts and actors to help establish sustainable development and build a shining future where everyone gets the right support needed. As an example, to fight to show this vision, the HAF team is preparing each group of youth, those who are in

Contributing to Sustainable Development and Saving the Earth by Planting Trees

HAF Trees Monitoring Officer Earth is greatly negatively affected by climate change. This is observed through rising sea levels, hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and other adverse environmental impacts. Immediate measures must be taken to mitigate or adapt to climate change and save the Earth.In this regard, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), in partnership with Ecosia

Seeds Then and Now in Tassa Ouirgane

HAF President In 1993, for the month before my traveling to live in the Tifnoute Valley just south of Mount Toubkal, I lived in a small house on the outer edge of the village of Tassa Ouirgane, just north of Toubkal. There, I learned conceptually the delicate balance in meeting developmental and environmental goals at

In the Face of Trial, Plant Trees

HAF President Is it hubris, that in the face of worry and challenge and fundamental concerns about the future, that we put aside from what we may have, to plant trees for a tomorrow – a benefit for a distant day? May it actually be our nature to uphold nature, even when we are confronted

Gestion De L’environnement Et Developpement Durable

Etudiante en master En partenariat avec la Fondation Crédit Agricole du Maroc pour le Développement Durable (FCAMDD), High Atlas Foundation (HAF) a lancé un programme de plantation des arbres fruitiers organiques (amandier et noyer)  et de formation des agriculteurs en techniques agricoles dans la province de Taroudant, commune de Toubkal, région Souss Massa afin d’assurer

Green Week in Practice with Les Ecoles Illou

HAF Volunteer On February 28, I went on with HAF staff member Hajiba and Mohammed, another volunteer, to the Illou private school to present two workshops on global warming. We were welcomed by the Director, Mrs. Illou, before going to a classroom where we met about 30 second-year students. During the workshop, Hajiba presented the

Nzalat Laadam : L’ecologie Qui Rassemble

FHA voluntaire Le complexe de Nzalat Laadam qui rassemble près de 800 élèves comprend des classes allant du préscolaire jusqu’au collège, dans des bâtiments très colorés où des dessins et tableaux décorent les murs. Il se trouve à près d’une heure de route au Nord de Marrakech. Nous avons été formidablement accueillis dans cet établissement.

Gestion De L’environnement Et Developpement Durable

FHA Stagiaire, Etudiante en Master “Gestion de l’environnemt et développement” Ecosia se dirige de nouveau dans la province d’Al Haouz L’équipe du projet Ecosia, représenté par Mme Hajiba Boumasmar a programmé une visite dans la commune de sidi Badhaj de la province d’Al Haouz dans la région de Marrakech- safi, afin de rencontrer Mr El

A Glimpse of the High Atlas Mountains

HAF Volunteer [Jingxin Wang is a college student from China who attends school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. She is currently on a “gap year,” volunteering with HAF.] The trip to Nzalat Laadam was just like any other. If it weren’t for the ever-so-imposing red in the background, we could easily be driving

fighting the climate change monster by raising awareness among the younger generation

HAF Intern On the morning of the February 17, 2020, I’m going to pass the day with Imane, Karam, Nic and Yossef: international HAF convoy. In the car, the music gives the rhythm to the landscapes which pass before our eyes. Linkin Park and the Norman singer Orelsan are coming on the trip. I learn

Argan Oil

HAF Friend The argan-oil trade is a large and growing industry with fierce competition for customers. With big cosmetic brands integrating argan oil into their products, the demand is ever-increasing outside of the local Morocco market. As it grows in global popularity with social media “influencers” and those seeking organic products, women’s cooperatives have risen

let’s plant pomegranate trees in partnership with al elefa cheese of lalla takerkoust cooperative in lalla takerkoust

Hajiba Boumasmar HAF Tree Monitoring Officer On Monday, 20 January, the High Atlas Foundation commemorated the annual day of tree planting when most of the members of the Foundation came out with Moroccan and foreign volunteers to plant organic trees in the various Moroccan provinces: Al-Haouz, Agadir, Youssoufia, Rabat, and Fez. This day saw the

What Does the 20th of January Mean to Haf?

Sanae Benaadim HAF’s Office Manager Every third Monday of January, HAF takes the initiative of planting trees in different places around Morocco. I heard many positive things about this special day back when I was a volunteer. And I wished to be part of it one day! President Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, USAID Driver Lahcen Ait

“Plant a Tree Even If It’s the Day of Resurrection” Said the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be upon Him).

By Errachid Montassir Project Manager Every third Monday of January is the High Atlas Foundation’s annual event “Tree Planting Day.” On this date, all staff members and volunteers come together and plant organic fruit trees across nearly a dozen regions in Morocco. My site this year was the Sbaiaat municipality in El youssoufia province, where

Reflecting on a Day of Planting

By Nic Pantelick HAF Volunteer My Tree Planting Day began with a rain-soaked Marrakech morning. For the first time since I had arrived in Morocco, I felt the chill of winter cutting through me. This biting cold wormed its way past my meager layers and rested an icy hand on the back of my neck.

Journee Nationale De Plantation D’arbres Province D’al Haouz, Asni, Le 20 Janvier 2020

By Imane Akhezzane HAF Project Manager A l’occasion de la journée nationale de plantation d’arbres qu’organise la fondation du Haut Atlas (HAF) chaque année, j’ai eu la chance de  visiter le lycée d’Asni, le collège, dar Talib, Dar Taliba et Dar Alfatat pour planter 100 arbres amandiers, et grenadiers. Des membres de la direction des

Let’s Make It Green on January 20th: High Atlas Foundation Will Plant Thousands of Trees

– Let’s make it green on January 20th: High Atlas Foundation will Plant Thousands of Trees, The Policy Times, 18 January 2020. MARRAKECH, Morocco – Jan. 10, 2020 – As the new year begins, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) would like to invite Moroccan communities to aid in the planting of thousands of trees on Monday,

A Life for Future Generations: Planting in a Nursery

HAF Intern After our team had a traditional breakfast in the town of Asni, we needed to go further into the atlas to help the greenhouse nurseries expand. Our first destination was a nursery in Imigdal. They had one greenhouse and a few terraces. There were approximately 30,000 fruit trees, with a variety of food

Growing Hope in Touama Village

Nic Pantelick HAF Volunteer Yesterday, I traded the sprawling city of Marrakech for the rolling foothills and winding roads of the Moroccan countryside. Watching this buzzing metropolis retreat through the back window of the car we rode in, I was filled with excitement. After an hour of driving and stop for lunch, we arrived at