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Imagine Candles Light The Way For Women In The Dakhla Municipality

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator, Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region On February 6th, the HAF team in Dakhla commenced a workshop series aimed at empowering women in the municipality. These special workshops are a crucial aspect of the High Atlas Foundation’s approach to achieving sustainable development. The training is part of a MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative)

The Candles of Imagination shine brightly at the women’s empowerment workshop in the Bir Gandouz Commune

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator, Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region The women stand up after the ´Room Exercise´. Credits: Hajiba Boumasmar/HAF On the 5th of January, the High Atlas Foundation´s (HAF) women’s empowerment trainers Hajiba Boumasmar and Hana Ezaoui embarked on a journey to the distant Bir Gandouz Commune to conduct a women’s empowerment workshop for the

A Remarkable Meeting with Nomadic Communities

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator, Dakhla-Oued-Ed-Dahab region On January 2nd, 2023, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) Dakhla team embarked on a 143-kilometer-long journey to visit the Bir Anzarane municipality. This is one of the three communes selected for the implementation of the Participatory Planning and Implementation of Community Initiatives in Oued Ed-Dahab Region, in collaboration

Candle Light and Women’s Empowerment in Bir Gandus

Hajiba Boumasmar HAF Program Manager A remarkable candle was lit with a group of women in Bir Gandus commune. Forty civil society representatives attended the women’s empowerment workshop conducted by HAF trainers Hajiba Boumasmar and Hana Ezaoui under the program “Participatory Planning and Implementing of  Community Initiatives in Dakhla Oued Ed Edahab Region,” in partnership

Innovation and Creativity in the Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab Region

Cheikh Akmach HAF Site Coordinator The 2nd International Congress on Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Managerial Innovation was held on November 9th, in Dakhla, with the participation of researchers and academics from Morocco and abroad. Ph.D students specializing in entrepreneurship management participated in the conference. Photo Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF Organized by the National School of Business and

HAF Takes A Step in the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab Region

Cheikh Akmach Site Coordinator As a young man who seeks to make a positive impact in my region, I believe in the ability of youth in preserving Moroccan natural resources, and this would be possible by empowering and accompanying them until they become responsible and visionary leaders. Since 2000, HAF’s mission has been promoting sustainable