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Collaborating for Success: The Journey of Wachmat Cooperative

Houria Chouhab F2F Field Assistant and Volunteer Technical The Wachmat Cooperative in the Demnate municipality is setting an example of how cooperatives can adapt to the challenges they encounter. Wachmat Cooperative was initially established in 2021 and included five women and two men in its membership. The initial goal of this cooperative was to extract

نساءُ كْرونَة

– نساءُ كْرونَة, Aroa Press. بقلم: زينب لعظم ارتدت النساء ذاك التاج للمرة الثانية، و بريقه يخترق حجب الخيال بأشعته تارة، ويتلقى إيحاءات الصمود  المرتقبة تارة أخرى… بريقه جعل ضوء المكان أكثر إشراقا، ضوء مصحوب بظل … وعندما رأت النساء ذاك الظل، انجلى لديهن خياران: إما أن يسلطن بريق التاج، أو يخترن الهروب ومواصلة البحث

Let’s Meet in Dar Malika!

Houria Chouhab F2F Field Officer HAF’s representatives in a cultural discussion with participants in the GVANIM program. Photo Credit: HAF When I hear Dar Malika, I immediately think of Malika’s lovely smile and welcoming spirit. Malika is a woman in her sixties who invites local and international tourists to have a cup of Moroccan tea

Looking Back on Memories

By Ibtissam Niri Program Manager In order to complete conducting impact assessments with host organizations that benefited from F2F technical assistance in 2020, I went to Ouarzazate and Taroudant for three days and met again with people there. Thursday morning, Mr. Hassan the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) driver, our tree planting colleague Safaa Ben Karoum, and I

Making a Decision is a Change

Ibtissam Niri HAF Program Manager After three years have passed since the establishment of the women’s cooperative. I witnessed its upbringing. I am here today the 6th of January to visit the cooperative again. The women’s cooperative, or rather the group of women, was the first group that was visited immediately after starting work with

An Unexpected Evolution of a Farmer-to-Farmer Training

Houria Chouhab F2F Field Officer I joined the High Atlas Foundation´s (HAF) Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) team in December 2021, and my first field experience was a visit to the Ahl Rhoufrane Cooperative in the Bouchane municipality, in the Rhmana Province with my colleague Ibtissam Niri. On our way there, my colleague explained that the members of

A workshop that empowers mentors and participants

Houria Chouhab F2F’s Volunteer Technical Members of Msalla Cooperative engaged in one of the workshop’s exercises. Photo Credit: HAF/ F2F staff member. In the weekly meeting of the High Atlas Foundation´s (HAF) Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) team, one of my colleagues told me about an Imagine women’s empowerment workshop with the Msalla cooperative in the north of

My Experience as HAF’s Volunteer in a Climate-Smart Agriculture Assignment (Part 3: Post Assignment Meetings)

Jennifer Anne Sopoci F2F US Volunteer F2F intervention during an Environmental Forum at the ENCG in Beni Mellal. Photo Credit: HAF On February 6, at the coordination of Aziz, we were able to go to the University Sultan Moulay Slimane School of Science and Technology to meet with research students and hear about their climate

My Experience as HAF’s Volunteer in a Climate-Smart Agriculture Assignment (Part 2: During the Assignment)

Jennifer Anne Sopoci F2F US Volunteer During the theoretical part of the Climate-Smart Agriculture training course. Photo Credit: HAF On February 2, we conducted the workshop for approximately 3 hours. We spent the first half of the workshop discussing the basics of climate change, global warming, and agriculture’s role in the production and sequestration of

My Experience as HAF’s Volunteer in a Climate-Smart Agriculture Assignment (Part 1: Prior to the Assignment)

Jennifer Anne Sopoci F2F US Volunteer In a meeting with members of Sanad Cooperative and HAF team members. Photo Credit: HAF Prior to my arrival in Morocco on January 30, I had spoken with Aziz Taouri, the president of the Bio-Agri Atlas Farming Cooperative of Oulad Mbark. We discussed the drought that Morocco has been

The Impact of Well-Maintained Solar Panels

Houria Chouhab F2F Volunteer Technical and Field Assistant Nowadays, many of the communities’ nurseries and farmers in Morocco use solar-powered water pumps in order to irrigate their trees and saplings. This allows them to manage their farming in a climate-friendly way. Akrich Tree Nursery Credit: F2F staff. In March 2022, the Assalam Association, the Adrar

After William’s 2020 Workshop

By Ibtissam Niri HAF M&E Program Assistant and Empowerment Coach “Is this the same nursery land that I visited in 2020?” This is how my conversation started with Hassan Ait Baa in front of the nursery door during my visit to the Imegdal nursery. “No, it’s another one. This nursery emerged as a result of

IMAGINE workshop delivered by HAF F2F facilitators for Msalla cooperative

By Zineb LAADAM HAF Field officer On February 9th, 2023, HAF’s Imagine empowerment facilitators met with 18 women from M’salla Cooperative in Jnanate village, located in the Beni Boufrah municipality of the Al Hoceima province. These women are joining the ranks of 2,373 others from around Morocco that have benefited from the 101 Imagine workshops

عطر الخزامى!

زينب لعظم متطوعة سابقة، ومسؤولة ميدانية بمشروع من فلاح الى فلاح .ومدربة ببرنامج التمكين الذاتي للمرأة بمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير  نساء التعاونية الفلاحية ”أجديد أوشريك” أثناء ورشة التمكين الذاتي للمرأة بالحسيمة في رحلة معرفة أنفسنا قد يكون الأمان بالنسبة لنا مجرد تحقيق ذلك السلام الداخلي ومحاولة إخماد نار الصراع القائم في هذه النفس، وإن كنا لا

E-Marketing with Women’s Cooperatives in Morocco

Karl Thomas Schloegel F2F US Volunteer, HAF The F2F team and the US Volunteer Karl Schloegel during their visit to Mogador Argan Cooperative. Photo Credit: HAF It’s hard to not talk about how much the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted our dependence on social media. For a time it was one of—if not the only—place where people

Strategies for Women’s Social and Economic Empowerment

By Houria Chouhab F2F Field Officer The women from 3éme Méllinaire Cooperative during an empowerment workshopconducted by the coach Ibtissam Niri. Photo Credit: HAF Women’s empowerment is the key area of development and focus of action workshops for the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) in Morocco. Since 2016, under the supervision of two coaches and six

Saplings of Hope

By Houria Chouhab, HAF Program Manager Planting workshop with the U.S. expert volunteer Afra Stenstrom and the children at the orphanage. Photo: HAF Created in 1934, the Dar Tifl orphanage “children’s house” covers an area of four hectares and accommodates approximately 400 residents between three and 30 years old. My expectations before visiting the orphanage

“طُموحات تحملها حبات الكسكس”

– نور الدين البحري : “طُموحات تحملها حبات الكسكس”, El Bashayer. نورالدين البحري متطوع بمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير مراكش صورة تذكارية تجمع بين أعضاء مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير وتعاونية تامونت نتوريت على خطى الورشات التكوينية التي يقدمها فريق من فلاح إلى فلاح بمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير لفائدة التعاونيات، تمت دعوتي للانضمام إلى ورشة جديدة لفائدة تعاونية معنونةٍ باسم

مواكبة التعاونيات النسائية ضمن فريق من فلاح إلى فلاح

بقلم : عبد العاطي آيت حفيظ مستشار في مجال ريادة الأعمال تحرير: حورية شوهب و زينب لعضم مسؤولان ميدانيان بمشروع من فلاح إلى فلاح تعد مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير منظمة غير ربحية تلتزم بتعزيز التنمية المستدامة، وتنفيذ مبادرات التنمية البشرية كما تشجع على التمكين الذاتي للمرأة وتنمية الشباب سواءً على المستوى الإقتصادي و/أو السوسيو-اقتصادي بمجموعة من

HAF Volunteer Visits Amazigh Women’s Cooperative

Yvette Broex, HAF Volunteer Photo credit: HAF In early September, I visited the women’s Tamount Ntourite cooperative in Tourite village (Mzouda commune, Chichaoua province) with staff from the High Atlas Foundation’s program Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F). We spent two fascinating days with the Amazigh women who live in this small village as they participated in a training

Besides the Everyday

By Zineb Laadam, HAF-F2F Field Officer HAF’s Imagine team and Members of the Damnatena women’s agricultural cooperative during an Imagine session. Photo credit: Bouchra Zine / HAF Members of the Damnatena Women’s Agricultural Cooperative in Demnate (Azilal province, Beni Mellal-Khenifra region) completed the Imagine empowerment 4-day workshop at the end of August with the High

A Common Goal, A Common Success

By Zineb Laadam, HAF-F2F Field Officer The F2F team and the U.S. F2F volunteers discussed their assignments with the members of Wachmat and Sanad Cooperatives. Photo: Zineb Laadam/HAF On July 19, the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program team traveled to Demnate in the Azilal province of the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region, accompanied by U.S. F2F volunteers Alena Klimas

To the Base of the High Atlas Mountains

Written by Zia Brady with contributions from Joshua Kishi, HAF Interns Local F2F volunteer expert Abdelouafi with the women of Nissouate Regraga Cooperative. Photo: Hassan Ait Ouatouch/HAF When I first visited the Regraga Cooperative in August with HAF’s Farmer to Farmer (F2F) program team as a volunteer, I was acquainted with the concept of helping

لقاء بعد اشتياق!

– زينب لعظم تكتب : لقاء بعد اشتياق! El Bashayer. أن ترتبط أرقى مشاعرك بمكان ما، أن تتمثل اجمل ذكرياتك في هذا المكان، أن تجد نفسك مشتاق لكل شيء فيه، المنازل، الطرقات، تناوب الفصول والألوان، الجو البارد، الشمس الدافئة، الأطعمة الروائح، ملامح الصغار والكبار…. كل شيء هناك يردد عندك شعور واحد ولا شعور سواه، شعور

Cosmetics making in Tendrara Commune

By Mohammed Kerzazi F2F Expert Local Volunteer On July 23rd, and as agreed with the High Atlas Foundation’s (HAF’s) Farmer-to-Farmer team, we went to Tendrara Commune in order to meet up with the members of Les Hauts Plateaux Cooperative at the Tendrara’s cooperatives’office. After the warm welcome of the cooperative’s president, we organized a small

From Raising Domestic Animals to Manufacturing Cosmetics Using Local Herbs

Houria Chouhab HAF-F2F Volunteer Technical and Field Assistant The members of Les Hauts Plateaux during the conceptual part of the workshop conducted by the HAF’s Farmer-to-Farmer local volunteer (Photo by HAF) During the third week of July, the High Atlas Foundation’s USAID Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program traveled with the local F2F volunteer to conduct training about

تقرير حول يوم تكويني من تنظيم مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير

 بقلم: نجوى عبدالسلام الموضوع : التسيير الإداري للتعاونيات   المكان:مقر تعاونية اجيال ببلغياضة منطقة بني كيل-إقليم فجيج   الزمان : الأربعاء 20 يوليوز 2022   الفئة المستهدفة  :تعاونيات جماعة معتركة و جماعة تندرارة   عدد المستفيدين : 11 تعاونية في بداية اليوم التكويني كانت لنا فرصة للتعرف على المشاركين من خلال  تقديم أنفسهم وكذلك التعاونيات التي

Welcome to Bni Guil

By Houria Chouhab, HAF-F2F Volunteer Technical and Field Assistant The F2F local volunteer conducting training for AJIAL co-op and other farmers.      Photo credit: Houria Chouhab/HAF On July 18, the High Atlas Foundation’s (HAF’s) USAID Program Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) team drove all the way from Marrakech to the Oriental Region, accompanied by the F2F local volunteer, Najoua

Imagine Workshop Updates from Tamount Ntourit Village

By Houria Chouhab Day 1: The first week of July, the HAF USAID program Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) team members, Zineb and Houria, accompanied by the facilitator, Hajiba, held an Imagine workshop for the benefit of the women of the Tamount Ntourit cooperative in M’zouda commune, Chichaoua Province. It was a pleasure for us to have the

What You Need to Know About Quinoa

By Houria Chouhab, F2F Volunteer Technical and Field Assistant The F2F volunteer delivering a workshop to the members of Sanad Cooperative. Photo Credit: Houria Chouhab Until recently, quinoa seeds were not widely known in Morocco and only people who had worked with it before knew of its importance and value. In a needs’ assessment visit