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Aboghlo Women’s Cooperative and Their Business Partnership

Camelia Harkousse HAF Intern On Monday July 1st, a group of students who are on a conflict resolution and peace-building class at George Mason University (GMU) and their professor, accompanied by HAF President Dr. Yossef and HAF Director of Project Ms. Amina, visited the Aboghlo women’s cooperative in T’nine Ourika. This cooperative could be stated

Accomplishing Sustainable Success Through Strategy

By Eliana Lisuzzo Development Manager Working towards any goal—large or small; individually or through a team effort—requires an action plan that will lead to achievement. Particularly for large-scale, simultaneous projects such as those the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) and its partners facilitate in communities throughout Morocco, detailing an approach to implementation is vital. On June

Tassa Ouirgane: The Village of Unity and Satisfaction. (Tue 11-06-2019)

By Amine Fattas HAF Volunteer The rendezvous point was the HAF office. I came early and got to meet the whole team. There were two groups: UVA Students who are in Morocco on a research program and with whom I shared a bus, and the Envoys, high schoolers who were on a school trip. As

Essaouira: The Small City Where Three Religious Communities Have Lived in Peac

By Fatima ZAHRA LAHRIRE HAF Volunteer In order to promote and preserve the multicultural past that Morocco is known by, HAF has taken immediate action in partnership with local communities. These actions aim to protect the endemic tolerance and peace in Morocco and the long coexistence between the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities. The mission

Presenting at the Forum : « Economy and Competitiveness of the Mediterranean »

Clarisse ESPIL Intern at the HAF On Monday, the 29th of April, the HAF was invited to the “Economy and Competitiveness of the Mediterranean” forum as part of the Summit of the Two Rivers. This forum was organised by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC). The challenges concerned economic development but also competitiveness in

Advancing Women’s Empowerment and Environment Conservation in Tassa Ouirgane

By Elouahsoussi Rachid HAF Volunteer On the 9th of April, the High Atlas Foundation team visited the Village of Tassa Ouirgane (in the Al Haouz province) in order to conduct environmental activities with women and children. Girls and women, who are planning their own cooperative for medicinal plants and local natural products, are highly motivated

A Diverse Constellation of Projects in Morocco

French version Dear Friends, My name is Martine Roberts and I am the newest member of the Board of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF). I am writing to you from Marrakech, Morocco, where I have spent the last month immersing myself in HAF’s mission and current initiatives. As a Moroccan-American woman, I am honored and

The Environmental Challenge in Aït Ourir

Clarisse ESPIL and Kerstin Opfer This Friday, April 13, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) team composed of Kerstin Opfer (operations manager), Errachid Montassir (project manager), Ilyas Dkhrissi (social network manager, photographer and film director), Hassan Ait Ouatouch (coordinator between the HAF and local populations) and myself (intern at the HAF), went to Aït Ourir. We

Haf Enables Dental Care in the Marrakech Region with « Kids »

Clarisse ESPIL intern at the High Atlas Foundation On Monday, April 22, 2019, the HAF visited three schools in the province of Rhamna in the Marrakech region, two in the commune of Aït Taleb and one in the village of Bouchan, this time with the theme of health. Which subject in particular? The oral health

Sois L’ami De L’environnement !

Clarisse ESPIL                                                                                                                                                                                stagiaire à « High atlas Foundation » Ce mardi 9 avril 2019, la HAF s’est rendue à Tassa Ouirgane, une commune qui se situe dans les montagnes de l’Atlas à 90 kilomètres de Marrakech afin d’y réaliser une activité sous le thème de l’environnement.  Le but de cette visite en partenariat avec le Programme

Les Objectifs De Developpement Durable Ne Pourront Etre Atteints sans Le Concours De La Societe Civile

Par Peter J. Jacques La vie et la mort de communautés entières dépendent de la réalisation des 17 objectifs de développement durable (les ODD) adoptés à l’unanimité par les Nations Unies en 2015, dont l’éradication de la pauvreté, la conservation des forêts et la lutte contre le changement climatique. Prenons, à titre d’exemple, le peuple autochtone

Exploring Three Organic Tree Nurseries in Al Haouz

Youssef Moussaoui HAF Volunteer On Thursday, the 28th of March, the team of the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) visited with HAF Board Member Martine Roberts the nurseries of Akrich, Imegdal, and Tadmamt. Our first stop was the Akrich nursery where HAF planted over 30,000 almond and fig seeds. Talking about the ways to preserve and

Former Fulbright Scholars Visit Haf

By Yossef Ben-Meir HAF President The High Atlas Foundation had the great pleasure to welcome former Fulbright Scholars from the United States to its office in Marrakech. It was a great feeling to be together, people with the shared commitment to utilize opportunities for research and education to measurably move forward the people’s development.  Our

Distribution D’arbre Argan Aux Coopératives Féminines À Essaouira Avec Fré Skincare

Moussa Sidibé Bénévole FHA, 15 Février 2019 Une nouvelle journée, une nouvelle destination qui cette fois-ci se trouve être la province si hospitalière et chaleureuse d’Essaouira loin de la ville rouge de Marrakech. Une bonne partie des membres du staff de l’ONG High Atlas Foundation et moi y compris se sont alors rendus sur les

Here’s What Makes a Day in Tassa Ouirgane Exceptional!

by Fatima Zahra LAHRIRE HAF Volunteer Early morning on Tuesday, February 19th, we went to Tassa Ouirgane passing by the magnificent view of snowy mountain peaks, wildflowers, and small hills. At a distance of approximately 70 kilometers from the ochre city, Marrakech, the Tassa Ouirgane village stands in its beautiful Azzaden valley. The day started

Students and Interns Publish with the High Atlas Foundation

Work-study students, interns, and volunteers of the High Atlas Foundation have opportunities to analyze development as it is experienced in rural and urban communities, by farmers, women, youth, and people of all backgrounds.  We also give the students and volunteers the encouragement and support that they need in order to write their observations, improve upon their writing,

Pmbf Funds Sustainable Development Research Project in Morocco

Peter Jacques, Ph.D., Professor UCF Political Science Department The Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research & Studies (PMBF) has matched funds awarded to UCF Political Science Professor Peter Jacques to conduct a research project looking at sustainable development, water, and food security in Morocco. Jacques, who is partnering with the Marrakesh-based High Atlas

Participation and Environmental Education in the South’s Boujdour Province

Errachid Montassir HAF project manager A partnership agreement brought together The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) which works to establish participatory development projects for the Moroccan communities, and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE), the world’s second largest wind turbine manufacturer and provides onshore and offshore wind services. Both are dedicated to working with the communities and

The Importance of Multi-Stakeholder-Partnerships in the Face of Climate Change

By Kerstin Opfer Operations manager High Atlas Foundation Marrakech We are living in a time, where the humankind faces an unprecedented challenge – it is the warmest it has ever been on earth since human presence. The dangers of climate change are known since the 1980s but a lack of political will and societal awareness

Morocco Environment and Sustainability News Round-Up: 10th-18th January

Manon Burbidge Lund University HAF Intern – Marrakech Morocco to Invest $14bn in Renewable Energy Morocco is working towards achieving its goal of 52% renewable energy by 2030 by putting $14bn of investment into the renewable energy sector. Included amongst larger scale projects are installations of off-grid solar capacity which will reach 1000 rural villages

Press Release: Tree Planting Day Provides Economic, Social and Environmental Development Across Morocco

French version Arabic version MEDIA RELEASE                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday 17th January 2019 Tree Planting Day provides economic, social and environmental development across Morocco Moroccan communities are being invited to plant thousands

Who Likes Trash?

HAF Intern (from Germany) I was excited about my first field visit and about getting to know what the High Atlas Foundation’s work looks like in action, because before starting my internship, I only saw the social media posts, blog articles, and photos. This day, we didn’t travel long, as we went to two schools

Take Credited Development and Arabic Language Courses with Haf and the University of Virginia: Engage in Applied Learning This Summer in Marrakech

   Under the auspices of the University of Virginia, the High Atlas Foundation’s President, Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, will lead a four-credit academic internship program from May 27th to July 19th in Marrakech on the practical and theoretical dimensions of participatory development. While completing internships at the HAF and engaging in related coursework, students will facilitate communities’ planning of projects

Happy to Be in Amman with Members of Civil Society

Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D. President High Atlas Foundation I had such a memorable day today in Amman, Jordan, thanks to the Bureau of Oceans,  International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES), with whom the High Atlas Foundation has a grants program to benefit local civil associations in this stunning country of thoroughly deep, even biblical, historical culture. I met

Participtory Environmental Workshops for Lwidan Rural Commune, Haf and Oes

Errachid Montassir HAF project The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) and the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) continue to spread the vision of protecting the environment amongst the next generation, with the presence of Moroccan civil society members. Lwidan rural commune in Marrakech region was our stop this time, where we

Building Gabions and Fostering Autonomy in Tassa Ouirgane

By Nisreen Abo-Sido, HAF Volunteer, Thomas J. Watson Fellow Last week, I joined HAF Project Manager, Amina El Hajjami, and an engineer from Agence du Bassin Hydrauliques on a visit to Tassa Ouirgane village to assess the feasibility of constructing gabions along the river for flood-prevention.  A member of the local association guided us and explained the

La Vie En Vert

Zineb Sfar Volontaire, Douar Tizian En tant qu’étudiante à l’Université Privée de Marrakech (UPM), j’ai eu l’occasion de participer à un atelier sur l’environnement avec la Fondation du Haut Atlas pour le Douar de TIZYAN, avec le soutien du Bureau International Océanique, Environnemental et Scientifique des États-Unis. A l’heure de notre arrivé, nous avons eu

Rooting for a Sustainable Future: Combining Tree-Planting Activities and Environmental Workshops in Morocco

 The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) is committed to promoting sustainable development, using a participatory-action approach to address challenges identified by communities.  While partnering with community members, local associations, schools, municipal governing bodies, and other stakeholders, HAF believes in the efficacy of sustained communication and meaningful involvement in fostering skills and methods to enact positive

Morocco Sustainability and Environment News Round-up 20.12 – 31.12

Manon Burbidge Lund University, Sweden HAF Inter- Marrakech French Development Agency Lends €50 Million to Improve Moroccan Water Supply The Moroccan Electricity and Drinking Water Bureau (ONEE) received €50m to implement a drinking water resilience project in Morocco’s northern provinces, including Al-Hoceima, Driouch and Taounate. The project will strengthen water production, increase storage autonomy and improve

Tree-Planting at the Central Hospital of Sidi Zouine

By Aitana Arias, HAF volunteer Members of the HAF team had the chance to visit the Central Hospital of Sidi Zouine and get involved with the village community. HAF has previously planted trees in schools but this time we had the chance to plant trees at a hospital yard for a good reason: to make