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A Vision for the Future: Tiznit’s Agricultural and Spiritual Cultivation

Ryan Winegardner, UVA/HAF student-intern The road to Tiznit from Marrakech runs through the mountains, a landscape that floats and rises and arcs like the mezzanines and cantilevers and walkways of what could only be a heavenly architecture. Over the red and rocky landscape, the mountains truly seemed to be the spires of fairy-tale castles, and

Tangier’s St. Andrew’s Church: An Anglican Church with an Andalusian Style

By Soukaina Kherdioui, HAF Dakira Cultural Coordinator    I still recall my first time visiting St. Andrew’s Church in Tangier on February 14, 2020: a totally unplanned, enchanting discovery on a sunny Friday afternoon. As new students who had recently moved to the city for graduate school, a couple of friends and I decided to

Development as an Anagram

By Sabine Stratmann HAF-UVA Intern Three interns sitting across from me sparked a game to play. One girl suggested that the people around her should shout out random words, and that she would attempt to make a short story out of those randomly chosen phrases. The boy and girl next to her agreed to attempt

Coring a Community

By Addie Simkin   When geologists drill core samples, they’re making historic records in the form of cylinders of ice that contain the climate conditions of hundreds of thousands of years ago. The scientists can select a point on a field of ice, drill into the earth to collect it, and from that sample understand the

Finding Zen in Cemeteries

By Ryan Winegardner, UVa-HAF Student Intern Keely Fitzsimmons/HAF In the fog at the third school we visited outside Tiznit, I stood on the rocks on the hill and wondered what lay beyond. I could see only a few meters out because of the fog, which hung like a great white curtain separating me from the

كأس شاي بطعم الهوية

Version english بقلم: نور الدين البحري تأتينا الذكريات من حياتنا على أوتار التجارب الجديدة، بعضها يسحبنا إليها لأجل العودة لتخيل سحرها مرة أخرى والتنقل بين لحظاتها الفريدة والمميزة ، لا شبيه لها ، لا في تفاصيل كبيرة ولا صغيرة ، يسهل تمييزها وفرزها من بين الذكريات. هذه تجربة أمُرُّ بها مع فريق مؤسسة الأطلس الكبير

Experience Dakira: Diversity and Home in ‘Little Jerusalem’

By Sabine Stratmann, UVa student/HAF volunteer What is an example of ‘home’? This question was asked numerous times during the Experience Dakira conference held from June 8, 2022 to June 10, 2022. With visitors from France, Africa, America, and other places of the world, each person attending Experience Dakira traveled to Marrakech to learn of

“Experience Dakira” Conference gathers civil society and community stakeholders from around Morocco for the preservation and transmission of the Kingdom’s diverse cultural heritage

Français | العربية PRESS RELEASE “Experience Dakira” Conference gathers civil society and community stakeholders from around Morocco for the preservation and transmission of the Kingdom’s diverse cultural heritage Marrakech (June 10, 2022) – The USAID Dakira program, implemented by the High Atlas Foundation, successfully hosted its first conference, called “Experience Dakira,” at the Palm Plaza Hotel in

Coming Together for Cultural Preservation and Celebration

By Zoe Costello, HAF Intern and University of Virginia Student Zoe Costello with HAF team at the Experience Dakira Conference, June 2022. Photo: HAF “We want the youth to acquire the city and all the values it embodies.” This quote, stated by a participant in the Experience Dakira Conference, embodies a huge component of the

Creating Cross-Cultural Connections

By Kelsey Cashman, UVA Student/HAF Volunteer Photo by Kaoutar Ait Lahaj, HAF Program Coordinator From June 8-10, the High Atlas Foundation organized “Experience Dakira,” a conference of multiple organizations dedicated to enhancing religious and cultural preservation, learning, and social cohesion in Morocco as part of the USAID Dakira program. Immediately upon walking into the Palm

Many Threads, One Fabric: Akrich and Moroccan Culture

Ryan Winegardner, UVa/HAF student-intern When the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) team took the University of Virginia interns to Akrich, it was the first time we had left the red walls and palm trees and cool avenues of Marrakech since arriving four days previously. Compared to Charlottesville, it was a landscape enveloped in the wind and

The One Hundredth Anniversary of Al Mansour Eddahbi Middle School

Ryan Winegardner, UVa/HAF student intern There was a holiday atmosphere at Al Mansour Eddahbi Middle School when the HAF team arrived on the 26th of May, 2022. Children were arranging display tables in the shade of the cloister; the eighth grade girls were just beginning to emerge from their dorms in multicolored kaftans; the schoolchildren’s

Meeting at the Jewish Synagogue in Gueliz, Marrakech

By Mohammed Chadli, Dakira Cultural Coordinator /p> Mr. Jacky Kadoch explains Hebrew symbols to HAF-Dakira Field Coordinators. Photo: Jamal Maghziou/HAF In May, I participated in a field visit in Marrakech with fellow Dakira teammates and colleagues from the American Society for Overseas Research (ASOR), a High Atlas Foundation partner who is also implementing a project

The Centenary Anniversary of Al Manssour Eddahbi School

By Mohammed Chadli, Dakira Field Coordinator Some Muslim and Jewish former students and students from the University of Virginia, HAF President Yossel Ben-Meir, and Dakira Field Coordinators Mohammed and Ikbale. Photo: Jamal Maghiouzi On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Al Manssour Eddahbi Secondary School in Marrakech celebrated the centenary of its establishment. The presence of the

The Jewish Days of Tangier

By Soukaina Kherdioui, Dakira Cultural Coordinator As part of the celebration for International Women’s Day, the Amis du Judaïsme Marocain Association (AAJM) and Lorin Foundation launched the first edition of the Jewish Days of Tangier. The event, which was held on March 10-12, was aimed at celebrating Tangier as a cosmopolitan city and the crossroads

Cemetery of Tiznit

By Omaima Khalil El Fanne, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Cemetery of Tiznit, Photo credit: Jamal Maghiouzi/HAF On Saturday, February 26, 2022, two Dakira Cultural Coordinators had the opportunity to visit the Jewish cemetery of Tiznit, which is located outside the Great Wall of Tiznit. This cemetery was restored in 2016 by Mrs. Georgette Moyale, a Jewish

Cultivating Stewards of Cultural and Environmental Heritage at Mohamed Elchaikh Primary Schools, Tisfane-Taroudant

Jamal Maghiouzi, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Early in March, I had the opportunity to co-lead, alongside Youssef Tahiri from HAF’s tree team, cultural, environmental, and social activities for the students of Mohamed Elchaikh primary schools in the villages of the Tisfane rural commune. The members of the Tisfane community and its civil society contributed to the

Among friends in Tameslouht

By Hiba Oulassri HAF Volunteer It was a pleasure meeting new people from different cultures and religions during Friday’s event.  Firstly, I did not have an idea what I would learn until I discovered that the event’s larger purpose was to encourage cooperation between two religious peoples, Jewish and Muslims. I was very appreciative of

Sport as an Instrument for Inclusion and Interfaith Promotion

French | Arabic By Soukaina Kherdioui, Dakira Cultural Field Coordinator Sport has become a compelling tool to promote solidarity and mutual understanding. It is a universal language that transcends socio-political barriers and has the power to unite people of different religious, cultural, and social backgrounds, through which messages of togetherness can be conveyed.  The vital

The Moroccan Jewish Cemetery in Tafza, Ourika Valley

By Omaima Khalil Elfanne, Field Coordinator The Jewish cemetery in Tafza, January 2022. Photo: Omaima Khalil El Fanne/HAF During HAF’s annual tree planting day that took place in January, on the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Day of Service and Tu’Bishvat, I had the opportunity to visit the Jewish cemetery that is located in

“The Future of Memory: Holocaust Remembrance, History and New Media” Webinar

By Amal Mansouri, Dakira Cultural Coordinator Screenshot: Introduction to the Webinar Event, “The Future of Memory: Holocaust Rememrance, History and New Media On February 3, 2022, a virtual event jointly organized by the United Nations Outreach Programme on the Holocaust and the United Nations Civil Society Unit was held under the theme “The Future of

Forging Community Ties Through Celebrating Nature

By Jamal Maghiouzi, HAF Field Coordinator On January 12, the Amazigh people celebrated their New Year 2972 which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar of 2022, Hebrew calendar of 5783, and lunar calendar of 1443. They refer to it as Yannayer which means January in both Amazigh and in Arabic. It is also called Ighf n

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