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Supporting the Kingdom of Morocco


– Supporting the Kingdom of Morocco, transconflict, by Yossef Ben-Meir (HAF President), 23 October 2016. In recent decades the Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a path that fully commits the nation to a development and civil course that is at once progressive and strongly connected to its national identity. The Moroccan model for success –

HAF and the “City of Coexistence” – Essaouira

A review of an Al Jazeera podcast By Rachid Montassir HAF Volunteer Marrakech This documentary produced by the Al Jazeera podcast channel takes us to the heart of Essaouira, which is often referred to as “the city of coexistence”. Some say that this is because of a large number of foreigners who call the city

Meet a 2015er: Yossef Ben-Meir

– Meet 2015er: Yossef Ben-Meir, U.N. Dispatch, Mythili Sampath Kumar (staff writer), 18 February 2015. This blog post is taken from an article written by Mythili Sampathkumar and published on February 18, 2015 for UN Dispatch. This is the second installment of our new “Meet a 2015er” series that profiles the women and men who are helping to

Advancing Participatory Democracy in Essaouira Province

HAF is very proud to be the recipient of an additional grant from the National Endowment for Democracy to transfer the type of training we have implemented in the community in Al Haouz Province to Essaouira Province, on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast. In order to ensure a broad geographical coverage, we plan to hold community meetings in three key locations

US Students Visit Jewish Sites in Essaouira-Mogador


On 14 July, HAF was pleased to welcome a group of US high school students, in Morocco to study Arabic to the site of our cultural heritage project in Essaouira. Over the last months, HAF and partners have been working to rehabilitate the Muslim, Christian and Jewish cemeteries of Essaouira. The group of 35 teenage students and their leaders, including Ms.