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Sub-Saharan African Migration into Morocco

Sub-Saharan African migration into Morocco, Modern Ghana. By Max Berengaut Entering Morocco, Sub-Saharan African migrants find themselves at a crossroads. There is the promise of an economic future waiting for them in Europe, but the path to it is perilous. They require either an assurance of asylum status or some familial relationship with a European

Legal Aid Clinics and their Role in the Protection of Human Rights

By Mohamed Ainine, Clinician, USMBA Legal Aid Clinic and Katie Bercegeay, HAF Director of Development As part of its mission to connect with other legal clinics in Morocco, the Legal Aid Clinic (CFJD), housed at the Faculty of Social, Legal, and Economic Sciences at University Sidi Mohamed Ben Adbellah in Fes had the pleasure of

The Legal Clinic at University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (USMBA) in Fes

By Kaoutar El Kadi, Legal Aid Assistant, CJFD  Immigrants do not leave their families, friends, and lives in vain. Misery, environmental degradation, and oppression can make life difficult to bear. When war directly threatens the lives of people, flight is sometimes the only option for survival. The reasons why people migrate are multiple and complex.

An Interview with Fadila Bennis from the Clinique Juridique De La Faculte De Droit CJFD in Fez

“People still deny that there is an organization to provide legal assistance–and free of charge–apart from the traditional organizations we know. For me, if I had the opportunity to communicate with people and introduce them to the legal clinic, I would tell them that the Clinique Juridique has a staff that is professional and motivated