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Accelerating Sustainable Development Toward 2030

Taken together, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – contained in U.N. Resolution 70/1 involving the 194 member states and civil society in its deliberation – seek an encouraging level of development of humanity’s social and environmental existence. They establish a framework through 2030 that can assist nations and communities of the world in plotting what could amount to transformative, prosperous, and sustainable achievements.

رحلة التمكين مع نساء أوريكا

مع نهاية شهر فبراير وفي الأسبوع الأخير منه أخذتنا رحلة التمكين من جديد إلى دواخل أنفسنا للغوص قليلا في خواطرنا ومناجاتها عن همومنا الدفينة ومشاعرنا الغابرة. ففي جو…


What does it look like when the local approach to achieving sustainable development projects guides not just how we govern, but is also strategically implemented by candidates to…